January 28th, 2014

Featured Artist:
Beth Hart
Bio Excerpt:
Beth Hart has been down a long road…from the top of the charts to the lowest place you can be in life. And that journey has been reflected in every album she’s released. She leads you by the hand through her experiences, re-living every joy and weeping over every sorrow. You see it in her lyrics, you hear it in her music, and you feel it in every sweet sigh and every savage scream that’s on every track she’s ever made. Her edgy, no-non-sense approach to her art is what has made her truly one-of-a-kind.
Official Website:
Why I Love Beth’s Music:
I knew the LA Song that was popular for a time, but it wasn’t a favorite of mine and I didn’t pay much attention to the artist. Then last year, when I was working on a child abuse project with Elaine Charbonneau, she sent me the link to Beth Hart’s video of Leave the Light On. The song blew me away, and led me to watch more of Beth’s videotaped performances, like Monkeyback. I then bought one CD, then another, then another. . .and I’ve not tired of listening to any of Beth’s music yet. She’s gritty, soulful, and provocative all at the same time, and there’s an honesty to her lyrics and her performances that makes me want to turn her music up loud and sing along.

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