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Baby Love

Right now, you are one month, seven days old.  You are so tiny that even newborn clothes are too big for you. Your hands get lost in over-long sleeves, and even though I’ve held many babies before, and loved them all,  you feel especially precious to me. I am amazed by how tender I feel [...]

WTF Friday: We Missed The Gravy Train

As I was gathering materials and enough righteous indignation to bring you another WTF Friday, a light bulb went off.  Surely, I thought, there’s a job out there for me reporting nothing but meaningless trivia.  Plenty of  people seem to be making their livelihoods this way, and I’m sure I could write a compelling two [...]

In Defense of Facebook’s Hated “25 Random Things” Writers

In the last couple of days, I’ve read more negative rants about Facebook’s 25 Random Things About Me meme than I’ve read actual lists of 25 things. Writers from the New York Times and Time Magazine jumped on the anti-list bandwagon, as did writers like Tod Goldberg, who spared no vitriol in his [...]

Poverty Series I: Beyond Joe & Jane Six-Pack and other Human Parodies

We live in a world of instant everything. Every human situation, it seems, comes attached with cliches, platitudes, bromides, stereotypes and parodies. There is, conceivably, a box to place every person in, and a label to slap them with. There are also socially created barriers that inform perception, determine response, and decide [...]