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Delusional Parents or Cops in the Wrong?

A seven year-old boy throws a temper tantrum in his second grade classroom, stomping on a teacher’s foot, battering a school administrator, and tearing the room apart.  The class had to be evacuated by school officials to ensure the safety of the other children, and police and the boy’s mother were called.
So why are the [...]

Empty Outrage: Suleman, Child Abuse & A Controversial Bill of Rights

A great deal of media attention has been paid to Nadya Suleman, the recent mother of octuplets by IVF.  The general consensus is that there’s something wrong with an unemployed mother of six choosing to have eight more children.  News pundits, psychologists, and the public have speculated about Suleman’s mental health, her motives, and [...]

How It Feels To Know He Is Behind Bars

This is one of the men who raped me when I was a teenager.  He was 19 then, he’s 51 now, and he is still a rapist.  I look at him and see a life gone wrong, but I feel no pity.  I imagine that at one time he was a little boy who liked [...]

Anthony Protesters Are A Disgrace

Like many others, I have followed the story of two year old Caylee Anthony, who was reported missing last July.  I have read the various twists and turns of this case, and felt the same frustration, sorrow, and anger that others have no doubt felt.
Certainly, in a case like Caylee’s, the need to find the [...]