Anthony Protesters Are A Disgrace

by Jane Devin on 12/16/2008

Like many others, I have followed the story of two year old Caylee Anthony, who was reported missing last July.  I have read the various twists and turns of this case, and felt the same frustration, sorrow, and anger that others have no doubt felt. Certainly, in a case like Caylee’s, the need to find [...]

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The Problem With You Is. . .

by Jane Devin on 11/23/2008

You know what the problem with you is?  You think too much, you’ve got your head in the clouds, you need to come down to earth.  You’re too literal, too much a dreamer, you make poor choices, you’re not as smart as you think you are.  You never learn, when will you ever learn?  You [...]

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In Defense of the 2014 Dream

by Jane Devin on 11/11/2008

John Lennon struck a chord when he sang, “you may say I’m a dreamer, well, I’m not the only one”. And he was right. To be human is to dream — and to want to bring our dreams to life. Dreamers, though, have gotten a bad rap. Our antagonists would have the world believe that [...]

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INTRODUCTION We live in a world of instant everything. Every human situation, it seems, comes attached with cliches, platitudes, bromides, stereotypes and parodies. There is, conceivably, a box to place every person in, and a label to slap them with. There are also socially created barriers that inform perception, determine response, and decide opportunity. As [...]

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On Meanings, Tyrannies, Women & Monsters

by Jane Devin on 09/12/2008

Then, in my childhood in the dawn Of a most stormy life was drawn From every depth of good and ill The mystery which binds me still . . . –Edgar Allan Poe, Alone 1. The Meaning of Things I’ve never lost my childhood sense of mystification – my ability to be amazed by the [...]

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I recently had cause to remember The Year that Blew My Mind. It wasn’t mind-blowing in a good way – the oyster of the world didn’t open up and reveal any grand pearls of wisdom – instead, my gray matter was challenged to find reason for the unreasonable, and causes for the inexcusable. The resulting [...]

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