Anthony Protesters Are A Disgrace

Like many others, I have followed the story of two year old Caylee Anthony, who was reported missing last July.  I have read the various twists and turns of this case, and felt the same frustration, sorrow, and anger that others have no doubt felt.

Certainly, in a case like Caylee’s, the need to find the child and learn the truth of her absence is of paramount importance.  I wish every missing child could have the benefit of national media exposure that Caylee has had.  We might find more children alive, or learn certain truths sooner.  There can be a huge benefit to widespread media coverage or, as we’ve seen in Caylee Anthony’s case, an ugly drawback.

When shows like Nancy Grace exploit a tragic story for the sake of ratings, and fill the stage with speculative analysts and various conspiracy theories, they do so in order to intrigue and incite the audience.  Their interest in finding “justice” for children like Caylee Anthony (or Trenton Duckett, or Elizabeth Smart), extends only as far as the number of living rooms they reach.  The more intrigue, the larger the Arbitron ratings are likely to be.  For provocateurs like Grace, a case as twisted and complex as Caylee Anthony’s provides a golden landslide of ratings, and an audience that’s ready to be provoked and impassioned.

Caylee Anthony’s big, beautiful eyes and sweet smile could rouse even the most news-hardened heart.  To suspect that Caylee had been murdered was heart-wrenching enough, but the speculations put forth by Grace and others — that Caylee’s grandparents and Uncle were purposely misleading investigators and subverting justice — fanned the flames of public outrage.

Angry mobs of vigilante-style protesters swarmed George and Cindy Anthony’s house, ready to take their pound of flesh from Caylee’s grandparents.  Screaming, cussing, and ready to fight, their goal appeared to be less about finding justice for Caylee than about terrorizing the Anthony’s into accepting their version of events:  that Casey Anthony murdered Caylee, and that the Anthony family was complicit in covering up the truth and impeding the investigation.

Under the tainted umbrella of news commentary came a host of incendiary accusations, including  unsubstantiated reports of incest which cast a dark, suspicious shadow on both Casey’s father and brother.  However, it was Cindy Anthony who bore the brunt of public disdain after appearing on several news programs to plead Caylee’s case and defend her daughter against accusations of murder.

I’m not going to analyze the stated beliefs of the Cindy Anthony or her family.  They have been published and broadcast, and it’s clear that investigators, as well as the vast majority of the public, disagrees with the family’s belief in Casey Anthony’s innocence.

It’s the public’s right to form an opinion, and I have no issue with the opinion that Casey Anthony likely murdered her daughter.  She is in jail on that charge, a body that is presumably Caylee’s has been found, and a trial will be held.  What I take issue with is that some members of the public felt it was necessary to terrorize Caylee’s extended family for not sharing their opinion of Casey Anthony’s guilt.

The families of murder victims are not specially privileged, nor does grief form a halo that leaves them above reproach.  However, in five short months Casey Anthony’s parents and brother have not only had to face the disappearance and possible death of their beloved granddaughter and niece, but they’ve also had to struggle with an overwhelming number of stories, false leads, and dashed hopes.  They’ve had to weigh their own personally known facts, including the daughter and sister they have known since birth, against a version of Casey that is altogether foreign to them. Casey, despite many other flaws, had no history of physical violence or child abuse.

Tipsters were calling into hotlines with Caylee sightings in North Carolina, California, and Florida.  It doesn’t take much of a stretch of imagination to understand why the family maintained hope against all odds and believed she may have been kidnapped.

A portion of the public, however, decided that the Anthony family needed to suspend their hopes and help convict their daughter in the press.  They decided it was their right to goad Casey’s family into despising her as much as they did. To that end, they surrounded the Anthony home, demanding justice from those in the least position to give it — a family left reeling by tragedy.  A family for whom Caylee and Casey were not just pictures on a screen, but people they had nurtured, loved, and cared for since their births.

It was a disgrace to the cause of justice to watch protesters harass a family that was already distraught and plagued with anxiety and fears.  That protesters seemed more prone to name-calling and threatening stances when the media was present speaks to something even more insidious — such as using a victimized child and her pained family in order to create their own Jerry Springer moments of fame.

I don’t blame Lee Anthony for dismantling the “memorial” left on the Anthony lawn by protesters after the discovery of what may be Caylee’s body.    After being terrorized, it’s not unlikely that the Anthony’s saw less sympathy and love in the flowers, notes, and teddy bears than a mean-spirited and accusatory “we told you so, and we hope you suffer” directed at the family.  And unfortunately they will suffer.  Long after the protesters and public have moved on,  and Caylee’s image fades from the collective conscience of the public.

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  1. Human beings aren’t always nice to other human beings. And yet we think we’re more intelligent than “animals”.

    Makes one think how far have we really developed from “cave person” status.

    Everyone loves to slow down to see a car wreck or pay to watch boxing/wrestling. Still pretty close to the cave we are.

  2. Hi, I totally agree with you. It is very sad to me how the Anthony family doesn’t want to accept what are probably the facts in the case, but they are so horrible, accepting things like that and losing hope takes time. Wish people would cut them a little slack. They can hardly be blamed for not wanting to grasp the truth. The Anthony family I think needs an ally, and some psychological assistance.

  3. I totally agree with you. I do not appreciate the Nancy Grace approach.

    It seems that people have forgotten that Casey is their child and who on this earth wants to believe their child is not only capable of killing but of killing their own baby? Call it denial, but they are entitled to their opinion and while I do not share their opinion I feel for them. They have just discovered their grand daughter was likely murder in a brutal way, that alone is enough to handle. Perhaps refusing to believe their own daughter did is the only thing maintaining their sanity.

  4. The mother had called her daughter a sociopath! She told her daughters friend Amy that her daughter was a Sociopath before ever knowing what if anything had happened to Caylee. Casey never wanted to be a mother but her mother wouldn’t allow her to have an abortion or give the child up for adoption. The grandmother also failed to keep her grandchild safe when she knew full well that her daughter was unfit as a mother! I think if the Anthony’s would have gotten their heads out of the clouds a little sooner regarding their daughter they would have been able to do something to stop this girl from running rampant with wild lies! The mother knew from the begining what her daughter was capable of, only when it became a realization did she start to put her blinders on. The embarressment of raising a child murderer must have been too much for her to deal with! This girl was 24-25 with a child , had no job and no real place to live, why wasn’t the grandmother worried about her grandaughters well being sooner? That would make too much sense, right? And even after when it’s found out that this is indeed little Caylee they’re going to try to defend their daughter by calling it an accident. All accidents result in the mother going out partying and sleeping around with random men! Never once dialing 911! Dumping her childs lifeless body not even a mile away from her parents home! Or maybe it was a mental illness that made her do it! It couldn’t have been caused from parenting that ever lacked any decipline or consequences, nah way too simple there. People are angry because Caylee’s grandparents should be standing by the VICTIM not the VICTIM’S murderer! Another thing, as sad as it is children are murdered all the time. What made this story so big was the girl came from a decent family “mother a nurse, Father a retired homicide detective” and this coniving brat waited a whole month to mention her daughter was missing. Only AFTER her mother dragged it out of her! The sensational lies this girl told didn’t help the fire either. People were desperate to find this girl and Casey did everything to hamper that from happening. That is the Casey the whole family knew none of that behavior was foreign to them! The knew and expected it! Before Caylee was missing Cindy was so kind as to tell her friend Ryan he’d be better off distancing himself from her because she was a “Mooch” a liar and a user! She was stealing from her grandparents and anyone else she could. The parents knew all of this, none of this is foreign to them. They knew better than anyone on TV commenting on this story or any viewer tuning in what their daughter is and was capable of!

  5. Thank you for putting your thoughts into such eloquent words Jane. I feel the same way, and couldn’t agree with you more.

    It seems to me that posters like “Mother of three” are the kind of encited people you were talking about. They’ve listened to the gossip and watched the Nancy Grace shows and really believe that this gives them some great and accurate insight into the whole family, which then gives them the right to blame the grandmother for “failing to protect” her daughter. I see no “proof” on the rant above….just a lot of wild recycled accusations, such as Cindy “knew” what her daughter was capable of.

    My youngest son went through a rough patch, as I’ve said here before. He lied, he stole from his Dad and me. A lot of heated words were exchanged. Would I have thought, even then, that he was capable of murder? Absolutely not! I’m happy to say that he grew out of what was a terrible time, and is a great guy now, but despite the fact that I had two other sons who didn’t get in trouble, there were people that blamed Rod and me for my youngest’s behavior. We raised him with the same love and discipline we raised the other two. He was more rebellious. We stuck it out, and everything ended up okay, but you know what? Had he become a bank robber, I wouldn’t view it as me and his dad’s fault. Even good parents can have challenging children.

    Woo, sorry for the ranting! I agree, and hope the Anthony family knows that other people truly feel for them in this difficult time.

  6. Jane – your post brought me to tears today. I have been following the story of Caylee with hope and sadness. I also totally agree with you that the Anthony family did not need people parked outside their home ranting and raving. Grief does not know boundaries and this is a horrific experience for the Anthony’s.

  7. hi jane,
    merry christmas to you and the family…. hope all is well.
    calee, poor baby. i can not imagine what the family is going through. they will never get over it…let alone, learn to live with it…a void forever, god bless,j

  8. Mother of Three got her info from the very reports LE typed from interviews with witnesses- sworn statements. This information was included in the 600+ documents released by the courts. It isn’t from some “scandal rag” or hearsay on the streets or even Nancy Grace for pity’s sake. I completely agree with MoT. It is quite possible the Anthonys have obstructed justice, and perhaps they will have to answer for it if they did. I have very little respect for that family, but I have a great deal of sympathy and sadness for Caylee.

  9. Well that’s certainly stretching the truth to fit the gossip, because nowhere in the reports is there the accusation that Cindy “knew what Casey was capable of doing”, or that Grandma “failed to keep the child safe”, or that “they” would have been able “to do something to stop this girl from running rampant with wild lies!”, or yadayadayada. That’s all conjecture from people like MO3 who don’t have a real clue but only hints about what the family’s history, feelings, and thoughts are.

    I wonder how well any family would fair under the microscope. My guess is that many decent families could be made to sound way worse than the Anothonys.

  10. I watch Nancy Grace for the latest update of a certain issue, but I sure hate how BIPOLAR She can be!!! She is just so drippy sweet when talking about her children or some person she cares for, but BANG, watch out she has a tongue like a 2 sided sword. There is no reason to make fools outof the intellagent people she has on the air. Very rude, interupting them & repeating over & over some statement of hers that is much more important. I think now that the “little angel” has most likely been found, I will quit qatching her. She just makes my blood boil.
    Also a question, if Casey didn’t work, why would she need a nanny, & what did she do for money, besides steal it, to do all her running around; & pay for that cell bill that must have been huge. Where did Casey & Caylee go all day, when she told her parents she was working….for years!! I know someone looked up escorts on the internet. Was that how she made her money. Of course she’d have to get rid of the “little snot head” while she was “WORKING.” So would she do,chloroform her,during that time???
    There are so many things that don’t make sense. I will be so glad when the whole truth comes out. I wouldn’t buy the Anthoneys book, because it would be all their point of view…lies, but I really hope lifetime, or someone makes a movie, because as sad as this is, it would make a great heart wrenching movie.The money could be used to help find other lost children.

  11. It’s the turns of the twisted that you write about in this post Jane that make me dance with glee that the cable company can’t find my location. I’m much happier reading more, haunting (or trolling) sites that I CHOOSE to peruse to see what goes on beyond my dirt walls and generally keeping to myself.

    Wake me when the revolution comes.

  12. I so appreciated reading your intelligent words today. You took my own feelings and expressed them as I never could.

    This case has been a heart breaker no matter how you look at it. Between the Nancy Grace’s, the Leonard Paddila’s and the “sources close to the investigation” I can hardly stand to read about it anymore. I totally disagree with the way the LE have publically handled this case. It was their decision on what to release to the public at this time.

    What worries me most is the people who accept all that has been spewed by them as fact, and the vigilante attitude! The post by “Mother of 3″ post is a perfect example.

    From the “facts” I have pulled out of the actual transcripts, even Casey’s friends said they only saw her as a loving, good mother. Now people are screaming “The grandmother also failed to keep her grandchild safe when she knew full well that her daughter was unfit as a mother!”?

    People spoke very highly of Ted Bundy. Even a true crime writer worked side by side with him did not have a clue.

    I pray for the Anthony’s! I can not imagine the horror they are going through nor the grief. I pray for dear little Caylee.
    What a beautiful innocent darling.

    I also pray for the people who follow the likes of Nancy Grace to take the time to separate fact from hype and develop some compassion in their hearts! Sadly, she is “acting” the way she does for the people who have those feelings inside of them. That is scary! It is just another type of Jerry Springer show.

    Jane, thank you for giving me a place to voice my feelings.

  13. Well, this story gets weirder and weirder. Now the meter reader who discovered the body and who told his supervisor and the sheriff that he was there to take a leak, is now reported to have called the tip about the area in three times in August. He said he saw a bag on 8/11, but didn’t open it, and when the Sheriff got there he didn’t find a bag.

    Obviously, he lied when he said he was there looking for a place to pee. Tell a lie once, and you’re no longer trustworthy.

    And, if as he reported in August, he saw a gray bag then why didn’t the responding officer see it? Why didn’t the meter reader lead him there?

    I understand that Casey has NO credibility – ZERO. I totally get that. Yet there’s something very amiss with the meter reader’s story, and I hope that investigators aren’t so conclusive in their story that they fail to get every piece of truth and evidence that they can.

  14. ugh those people on the grandparents’ lawn made me physically ill. Snarling, yelling, barking. Who gets up in the morning and says, I think i’ll go hang out on the sidewalk in front of a missing child’s house and scream at the relatives? But then I always wonder who sits downs and decides to write a letter to People magazine sending their love and good wishes to Angelina and Brad.

  15. This coverage remember me Anna Nicole Smith’ coverage. Don’t you remember the frenzy media and Nancy Grace ,Greta,and all the players in the story????
    Not so long ago!!
    This year is Caylee,nothing as change don t you think?

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