Eight Year Old Pedicurist, “The Dragon Girl”, Won’t Face Charges

Police in Bakersfield, CA announced earlier today that there would be no formal charges filed against 8 year-old Long Cong Ngyuen, despite complaints made by over 20 customers of the young pedicurist, who works out of her parent’s converted garage in-between school, chess matches, college preparatory courses, and piano and golf lessons.
Ngyuen, also known as [...]

Daddyblogger Threatens Mommyblogger’s Credibility

According to her blog, Heather Morgan is a busy homemaking mother of three girls under the age of six, a prolific shutterbug, and self-confessed foodie who enjoys working out, uninhibited weekend sex, and scrapbooking. And up until ten blog posts ago, she was also the long-suffering and dedicated wife of a husband her readers knew [...]

Organic Porn Company Seeks To Make Sex Natural Again

After over a decade of bending to the whims of porn fashions that worked their way into the mainstream, such as Brazilian waxes, nipple rings, and backdoor sex, Clovis Butterfield had enough.
“The final straw was when it started to get serious with this guy I was dating. We were getting intimate one night, and I [...]

WTF Friday: I Started A Joke Which Started The Whole World Crying

Other Person: You know, you should lighten it up sometimes. Your blog can be depressing.
Me:  I know. I’m just not all that funny, though.
OP:  You’re not totally unfunny.
Me:  Really? I once cried during a Damon Wayan’s comedy sketch. Do you want to know why?
OP:  No! Write another piece about your vagina. That was funny.
Me:  To [...]

George Rindahl Saved By Positive Thinking

Last November, a churning stomach ache and bowel problems sent George Rindahl to the doctor’s office, where he was diagnosed with an acute parasitic infection, which can cause diarrhea, burning sensations, remarkable fluid loss, extreme itching, abdominal bloating and distention, as well as exhaustion and pain.
After picking up generic, horse-sized antiparasitic drugs from the pharmacy, [...]