A Starry Starry Night

It’s a room with clean white walls, hardwood floors, and a blue rug. There’s a big window at the rear of the room, open to the breeze, and white curtains that lightly billow. In the middle, there’s an old mahogany desk with lots of drawers, and a comfortable chair — sometimes blue, [...]

The Zucchini Stimulus

I was a 16 year-old wanna-be love child in a lace shirt, faded jeans, and moccasin boots. Bill was a real 30-something hippie, who had camped out at Woodstock and demonstrated at Berkeley. He drove an old Volkswagon Bug the color of chewed-up Wrigley’s gum, and was fond of quoting both Carlos [...]

Love Should Be Like The 4th of July

It’s not the rampant commercialism of a weird holiday with its roots in pagan rituals and Catholicism, or the glittery sap of Hallmark cards, or even the waxy chocolate candies in heart-shaped boxes that makes me dislike Valentine’s Day.  It’s not because mid-February is like December-minor for single people, or because I feel sorry for [...]

Waving, Not Drowning

In the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, we abandoned Eloise’s old Suburban and walked the wet, rutted road that led to her house. It was lightly raining, and there was an orange tint to the sky that made even the sagebrush look beautiful. There was a rainbow forming to the North, [...]

After the Debate? Angry & Frustrated.

I’ve studiously avoided the topic of politics since my feckless peers threw Hillary Clinton out with the bath water.   I’ve bitten my tongue against denigrating phrases like “the bubba factor” to describe the working class.  I’ve sat on my hands to prevent myself from writing diatribes against poisonous but persistent Republicans, and vaporous, elitist liberals.
I’ve [...]

With Eyes That Watch the World and Can’t Forget

Dear Vincent,
I left off wanting to be the girl under the tree, with wild hair and apricots falling around my feet, the one who scrawls words dangerously, with no consideration of time or consequence.   I also shared my fear of being forever, instead, the draftsgirl.  Carefully engineered, a single life drafted, one side, straight lines, [...]