Month: June 2008

Rearrange the Walls when Necessary


Everyday brings about some evolution
of thought or matter or circumstance.
You have everything you need to forge ahead, you know,
except the unbreakable spirit.

How many times will you drag yourself to the wall?
How many times will you scrape your spirit against the bricks?
I know what they told you, but it’s time to let it go.
No god, and certainly no person, is worth the blood on your palms.

Speaking of walls, yes, I understand the necessity of barricades.
And maybe I never told you this, but I would not pass through, even if invited.
I would stand outside the gate, and pluck the thorns from the roses.
In life I seek peaceful solitude & beautiful, if slight, connections.

This is true: A cage can be comfortable or a life can be sacred.
A cage is not a thing to worship, and a life is wasted in comfort.
The part of you that becomes possessed will not be sated by anger or chains.
Spend your mind when it is frantic, exhaust it, cradle it in both hands until it creates art.

Breathe, my breakable spirit. People and connections will be what they are.
Solid, fleeting, real, or ethereal.
Inside or outside the gate, connecting is a choice.
Breathe, my friend, evolve, and rearrange the walls when necessary.

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