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In Honor of My Muse: Patricia Neal

She’s got that low, sensual, beautiful, Southern voice. The perfect blend of drawl and inflection that’s all at once a lullaby and a catalyst — an invitation to lay back on the porch swing and lazily watch the moon, or to rise up in the morning like Joan of Arc, prepared to honor [...]

A Job-like Curse

BlogHer recently had a writing initiative called “Letters to My Body” that yielded hundreds of journal entries from a diverse group of women, who wrote beautifully and from their hearts on everything from disability to self-acceptance .
A few months ago, when I was doing the research for a different article, I came across the [...]

But She Won’t Make Love With the Lights On

When I close my eyes, I see the dresses and the gowns. The paper dolls and the Barbie dolls; the pretty bows that tied me down. Then I see my face, staring down at my shiny shoes. . .they took me to a place where they gave me pink instead of blue.” [...]

Mothers Don’t Let Your Daughters Read Harlequin

I came late into my own sexuality, tumbling into it with all the confusion of a molested and battered child, and the shadowed blinders of a woman who thought her worth, even her ability to survive, was dependent upon making others, namely men, happy.
I never wanted to marry. While other girls were gracefully sashaying [...]