A Standing Ovation for Hillary: “We’re Going to be Fine”

February 22nd, 2008

I found Senator Clinton’s answer, and her attitude, worthy of a standing ovation.

Now, if the media would take a lesson, and stop treating this election like a Hollywood novel, full of gossip, innuendo, and speculation, the American people might be able to move beyond the crafted inventions of heroes and villains — and instead of antagonists and protagonists, we might see two people who sincerely wish to serve this country and leave it better for their efforts.

What are your thoughts? How did the debate go, in your opinion? Is there enough goodwill in the party to unite Democrats once a final candidate is determined?

9 Responses to “A Standing Ovation for Hillary: “We’re Going to be Fine””


  • I missed the debate, and I’m a (reformed!) Republican that will probably vote Democrat, but I just read a few different news sites and lots of people are saying it was a draw.

    I watched a few clips, featuring both, and I think I resonated more with Sen. Clinton, but also found Obama to be well-spoken.

    In other words, I have no decision! I’ll wait and see how it pans out and then vote the Dem. candidate chosen in the finals.

    Wish they’d team up though. Clinton as Pres, Obama as VP. Then he could take his turn. That leaves 16 possible years to get us back on track.

  • The problem with these debates are the moderators and the questions they ask the candidates. Although there were a few new questions asked concerning Castro and defining whether English or Spanish should be the primary language, but it was the questions that weren’t allowed the rebuttal time that really annoyed me.

    At this stage of the race, it’s more important for the candidates to debate their differences rather than going on to another question which ends up singling out what one candidate said about another candidate.

    I personally feel that CNN deliberate selected the comment made about Obama’s speech and using words from others in his speeches. Although Hillary used the “word” xerox”, and got a negative reaction from the audience, the media now spins this one way out of control. Her point was “use your own words” to make your point, not words selected for you.

    In my personal opinion, when Obama speaks his own words they don’t flow as smoothly as when words are written for him.

    The last question of the night: “Describe what was the moment in your life where you were tested the most?” This was an excellent question and Hillary’s response was way over the top.

    Obama’s response was initially hanging on to the fact that he was raised by a single mother and grandparents. Partially true, except for the fact his mother remarried, both of his parents went to college and beyond and Obama went to Hawaii to continue his education there while living with his grandparents.

    It’s not that Obama lived a deprived life like so many children of a single mother, no child support, living in broken down apartment buildings without water, electricity or a hot meal. Obama’s parents were able to buy a plane ticket from Indonesia to Hawaii and put him in a ‘prestigious prep school’, to get a better education. What inner-city child’s parents or any single mother or father can afford to send their child(ren) to a “prestigious prep school” and then off to Columbia and Harvard University.

    Hillary response was that of her life, what she had to endure throughout her husband’s term and infidelity and her opportunity of being privileged enough to make a difference for those less fortunate than her within her lifetime.

    The two closing responses clearly showed the difference in the candidates and there desire to do for the American people and who feels the American people’s needs. Hillary clearly brought this forward.

    What I noticed though as the audience was clapping, Obama was reacting to the audience clapping as this was the end of the debate, but that wasn’t the case, the audience was clapping because of what Hillary spoke about.

    Of course, immediately after the debate, the media tried to spin Hillary’s words about “honored to be with Obama and no matter what happens, we will be OK” as that of Hillary conceding to Obama. The media needs to “STOP” this form of analyzing what they think Hillary is saying.

    Will the Democratic Party unite as in “Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton? I don’t know and it will be interesting to see what happens.

    What needs to be done before the convention is to fix Florida and Michigan and I pray this happens quickly.

  • I saw Hillary shine last night.
    I too believe we are at the mercy of the moderators questions.
    I think she was as uncomfortable as anyone would be having to confront Mr Obama about “borrowing” from his friend. The xerox comment sounded like it was of course written. Her comments prior to that rang true. She has to chip away at the “entire” picture that is Barack Obama. I continue to learn that he isn’t all that he portrays. Will the GOP find a bunch of dirt on him? Will it matter? I mean Hillary lives in a glass house already, I KNOW she can take it.
    It may unrealistic, but I think a united front, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton would slam dunk the election, and really get things done! Yes, I realize this is the dreamer in me…
    Barack has improved during the debate process. But Hillary still shows me a clear picture of what I would like my future to look like, and that of my family.

  • I am a Clinton supporter.

    I have to admit that Obama did a lot better this debate. But I am also an employer, and though the interviews were very good, they both did pretty well, I have to sit back, look over their resumes, and look for merits.

    I have to judge a person, by their merits, and their accomplishments, as well as in their character. Hillary’s life long list of her fighting for the common good for America and the world…When its about children, about the economy, the military, and health care.

    About a person who went to bat when the things were bad, who didnt shy away from a vote because it was too controversial, but who instead took responsibility for what was at stake. Who took it upon themselves to make a judgement, even if that judgement was going to be bad for them politically, but knowing they voted with their heart and good intent, and took the risk to vote anyway.

    That person deserves my vote, and that person is Hillary Clinton.

  • I was actually disappointed in the debate. I wanted to hear more about their differences, and alot (most) of what I heard were strikingly similar views.

    I thought it was in poor taste for the audience to boo. You know, it all depends on who a candidate is. Who has booed Bush? And he has been just outrageous in some of his comments.

    I think it’s easier for some to heckle or boo the female of the species. That’s my perception anyway.

  • Yea Hillary, great debate. We need more conversation and less punditry and opinion. We can make up our own minds, thank you.
    I would really like them both on the ticket–the ultimate power rangers. That would move the country forward. They would be a good balance for each other. If only ego was not involved-or “handlers”.

  • Like the new web page.

    :-) Patty, spoken too soon, LOL. There are about a million wordpress themes, and I can’t find one that really works for me, but I keep trying new ones anyway. Bear with. I’ll settle on one soon! - Jane

  • I am so concerned over the recent battle between Hillary and Obama about the flyers Obama’s campaign has circulated. It will be a very interesting debate on Tuesday!

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