Five People

September 20th, 2007

A friend recently told me about the Mitch Albom book, “Five People You Meet in Heaven”.  I haven’t read the book yet, but our conversation spurred me to think about who I’d like to meet once I go crashing through that legendary white tunnel.

Pearl BuckPearl S. Buck is first on the list. She was the first author whose work I fell in love with — I spent an entire summer when I was a teen reading about 40 of her books. Her life as the child of missionaries in an impoverished China gave her work a depth that few other authors ever achieve. Her later work as a child advocate included creating the first international, interracial adoption agency — at a time when Amerasian children were shunned by both Asian and Western cultures.

Ayn RandI’d also like to meet author and philospher Ayn Rand. I began reading Rand’s work as a teen, too, and spent years pondering her hardline views. In the end, I disagreed with most of Rand’s premises, but the journey of thought her work inspired was amazing, and her characters are so solid that even decades later Dagney Taggart and John Galt hold a firm place in my memory.

Gilda RadnerI’d like to meet Gilda Radner. As a comedian on the old Saturday Night Live, she brought me more side-splitting laughs than any comedian since. From Lisa Lubner to Roseanne Roseannadanna, her characters lit up the screen of even my tiny black and white TV. Hers was the first celebrity death I ever actually ever cried over.  I knew I would miss her presence in my life, and I have.

Masked ManI’d like to meet my birth father, whoever he may be. I don’t know for certain that he’s dead, but it’s easy for me to assume that. When my mother finally admitted I was not the biological daughter of her husband, and I pressed for answers, she tortured me with answers like “Warren Beatty” or worse, “I don’t remember.” I used to imagine, instead, Jacques Cousteau or Captain Kirk. A life of exploration and alien species. I’ve always wondered what my real father and I might have in common.  I’m fairly certain it’s not that we’re both fans of Annette Bening.

heavenOf course, I’d like to meet God, too. Simply to ask him all those universal questions that have never been well-answered despite centuries of effort by some of the most brilliant human minds — from “where’ve you been?” to “why. . .is everything like it is?”  As a child I would have liked to know why we each couldn’t have at least one supernatural abilty, like flying or being invisible, or leaping tall buildings in a single bound.  As an adult, I’d to know why, if all things are possible, Heaven can’t exist on Earth.  Not the temporary heaven found in a really good piece of chocolate or a night of earthly bliss, but the real heaven, complete with peace, harmony, and good intentions.

Who are some of the people, excluding family, you’d like to meet if the afterlife held such an opportunity?   What questions would you ask them?

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  • Five (5) People:

    My mother
    Elvis Presley
    John Wayne
    Princess Diana
    John Kennedy
    The Wizard of OZ

    oOps, thats 6. Oh well.>)

  • Janis Joplin……I cried when she died and felt it was such a waste.
    Dorothy Parker……her wit is legendary.
    Einstein. Just to be in the presence of that kind of genius.
    Jesus. Because in heaven I could right?
    All the children there, just so I could give them a hug.

    I saw Mitch’s other book on your link and it looked interesting, too. I’ll have to pick them up next time I’m at Borders. Which will be soon with Christmas around the corner.

  • My five (5) people:

    My mother
    My father
    Irwin (my mother’s younger brother)
    The child I miscarried

    Sorry, I just couldn’t make it 5 either.

  • Who I’d want to see first
    My Momma ( Miss her everyday )
    My Dad
    My Grandma ( The best grandma in the world )
    Both Grandpas
    God and Jesus
    Then I’d worry about people I didn’t know or love

  • Well, although I said excluding family, I have to say I really like all these answers.
    Family is so important, and the loss of of a loved one — even when not yet known, like a child lost through miscarrage or stillbirth — leaves an empty space that can’t be filled

  • God…why and will I learn soon?
    Ernest Hemingway… how fun was that?
    Anna Smith…why did you leave everything in such a mess for Howard?
    Elvis Presley…if you had it to do all over again, what would you do different?
    ? last by not least, I leave room open for the future.

  • Adam and Eve (although we’re related), “What was it really like in the beginning?”
    Cleopatra, “How did they really build those pyramids?”
    (I would really just like to see what these people looked like.)
    And, last but not least, I’m gonna follow Lucky’s lead here, and reserve two for the future.

  • Excluding family:

    God and Jesus
    Lady Diana
    John F. Kennedy Jr. (I had a crush on him)

    Jane: I loved Gilda Radner also. I would look for the pets I loved here on Earth.

  • Since I cheated and used family in my first five (5) people, I’ll try again.
    Lucy Maud Montgomery
    Margaret Mitchell
    Diana, Princess of Wales
    Jackie Kennedy Onassis and John F. Kennedy Jr.
    Oops, still can’t limit it to 5.

  • of course first i would like to see all my family. but for ones i have never met. would like to meet my FATHER,my baby that lived 2 days Princess Diana., Joseph Smith [to get answers i need] geoprge washington abe lincoln. 5 names is not enough, but i have questions to ask, about the state our country is in, what their thought is. i just know with all the hard work they put in they are piiiiissssssssssssssssed

  • If all my former pets aren’t there, in addition to an abundance of all other animals, I will be be very, very disappointed.
    As far as non- family people go, I would love to track down those prominent people whose cause of death continue to leave lingering questions. If in death they would be made privy to the actual circumstances of their own demise, I would love to chat with JFK, RFK, MLK, Marilyn, George Reeves, Hoffa–what the hell, even Judge Crater. And while I’m at it I’d ask the same of the more recently passed, such as Wellstone, Anna Nicole and Daniel, Princess Di, and anyone who died on 9/11 that can fully shed light on all the facts, participants and underlying motives of that coordinated act. It seems there is much more to it than we were led to believe.

  • Since I messed up the first time and used my family let me try this again.
    First God and Jesus
    All the old great baseball players
    Dale Earnhart

  • Jane,

    I’ve been trying to think of someone, anyone lol, and I can’t come up with even one person that isn’t family. I had to chuckle to myself, when I saw people putting family members, when you had said excluding family lol. I’m not making fun of anyone here, it just amused me lol. So if I may do the same, I would say my mother.

    I can’t believe I can’t think of anyone else. Hopefully it’s just a matter of my mind being blank for now lol. Hopefully THAT is only temporary lol.

    One person comes to mind, but he isn’t dead and that is Neil Diamond. He has been the love of my life ( hmmm, isn’t that supposed to be the one you are married to? lol) and I got to see him in concert at Penn State a few years ago. I waited 30 years to see him.

    Another would definately be Howard K. Stern, but I sure don’t want anything to happen to him that I’d have to wait to see him in heaven. In fact, I’d probably put him above Neil and that is a great compliment to Howard, believe me. I have been in love with Neil Diamond for half my life. Move over Neil, lol.

    I just told my husband about my trying to think of anyone that is already dead that I’d want to meet if I went to Heaven, and told him I couldn’t think of anyone and he really laughed. I’m sure something will come to me later, but maybe not before you put up another story lol. We have lost a couple of friends, one just recently, so I guess I would include them and probably JFK.

    I don’t think animals are supposed to possess spirits, but if they DO go to heaven, then all of my cats that I’ve lost would definately be on my list. I miss them so much. When my youngest son was going to confirmation class, the pastor told him that animals don’t have spirits so they can’t go to heaven, but I don’t know if I believe that. I think cats do have spirits, there is just something about them. Cats are special animals, they really are.

  • Okay, mmd, stop nudging me…..

    Okay, 5 people:

    My mother: I want to lie next to her and cuddle up and ask her one more time: “Ma, how much do you love me?” Just to hear her answer me one more time: “up & down the driveway.” (when I got my learners permit she let me take the keys to her car and drive her car up and down our driveway to practice……I did it a LOT, which must have drove her nuts sitting in the living room watching her car go back & forth past the 2 living room windows – how precious is that?)

    Sigmund Freud: so may questions, so much research ……and more questions.

    Princess Diana: I want to thank her for her generosity and for allowing the world inside her world.

    Elvis Presley: I would love to spend some time with him while he performs so I can dance around the clouds. I loved his hair-lip.

    Steve Fossett: Why didn’t you make up a flight plan? And, why didn’t you find more ways to help those in need. But still, I bet you had a hell of a ride!

    John F. Kennedy, Jr.: Why didn’t you make up a flight plan? You still had so much more work to do. You were too young.

    The Wizard of Oz: because, because, because, because, because…….because of all the wonderful things he does!

    I lost count, sorry…..again;>)

  • Jane,

    I just thought of someone, but he’s family. It would be my grandfather (my mother’s father) whom I never got to see, because he died 8 years before I was born. I was only 12 when my grandmother died. I remember her, but I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to have seen and known my grandfather. I always missed him even thought I’d never known him. I think he would have been a wonderful grandfather.

  • Somepeople mentioned Anna and Daniel but no one mentioned Terry Armstrong.

  • Oh………. Im still thinking….. :)

  • Nope, Mish, didn’t include Terry, Anna or Daniel, although Terry would be in my top ten if it went that high. My bio-father and God are pretty much givens, and I regret so much never having the opportunity to meet Buck or Rand. Had to include Gilda, too, because I think no matter whether its for heaven or not, leaving your friends and loved ones behind is sad….even when you’re ready to go.

    Are you done thinking yet? :-)

  • Virgie Arthur

    –oOPs, wrong room…..

    ~Anna made me do it~

  • LOFL! Karissa, for shame!

    You know though, I don’t think she’d be on Anna’s top five five list, either. Which is sad and unfortunate.

  • Dear Jane,

    Oh, I do think she would be on Anna’s top 5 list, but not for this room.

    A much hotter room is more like it. She needs coals to stoke…..she got plenty of practice shoveling dirt on Anna’s grave~~~~~~>>>>


  • Karissa
    You little devil…… : ;) you.

  • I really am thinking Jane. You said not family so Im thinking………..

  • 1.Nordstraudomus( I think that is how you spell his because of what he predicted
    2.Michaelangelo-he was so creative.
    3.Princess Diana-because of her love and tragedy.
    4.Adam or Eve-whoever is available so I could find out about that apple and the snake.
    5.Mary the mother of Jesus- to see how she watched her son grow and perform miracles then watch how he died and what happened to her after his death, how did she handle that?

    (posted by request via email)

  • 5 really good ones for answers as to who and why.

    Nicole Brown
    Anna Nicole
    Lacy Peterson
    Madeline McCann
    Terry Armstrong

    I guess I would say
    Princess Di~ Is she proud of what her Boys have become?
    Jesus~To much to write
    A friend who recently passed(Paula) and I wasnt able to talk with at the end.
    A friend who commited suicide a long time ago when we were children and ask Why?
    I have to say My Daddy~ Is he still proud of me today as he was 24 years ago?

  • How’s that Jane? I finished, it was hard because Im such a talker that I would be a Social Butterfly up there, I would be chatting everyone up……..LOL.
    It would be possible I’d be sent back to earth for a little longer.

  • Awesome, Mish!

    You know, once I get out of the place, there’s no way I’d want to come back! Leave sanctuary for the daily grind? No way, not me. Just set me on a cloud with a pen and some paper, a box of Godiva’s and an endless pot of coffee. . .Nirvana.

  • I don’t think Virgie will be making it to Heaven. She’s doing the work of the devil and I’m sure he has a special place for her.

  • Mish,
    I considered those on my list along with Jon Benet’ Ramsey and other mysteries but I figured God could give me all the answers plus other questions of course. I would probably tire him out with all of my questions.

    I am glad you considered Godiva chocolate and not Flurtz chocolate.LOL

  • Dr. Randy Pausch

    His speech is inspiring.


  • –Joni,

    I wasn’t talking about heaven. Go reread my post. Better yet, I’ve added it here to make it easy for you.

    “Karissa said on: 21 Sep 2007 at 6:56 pm 21
    Dear Jane,

    Oh, I do think she would be on Anna’s top 5 list, but not for this room.

    A much hotter room is more like it. She needs coals to stoke…..she got plenty of practice shoveling dirt on Anna’s grave~~~~~~>>>>


  • Five People:

    Terry Armstrong
    Nicole Simpson
    My best friends uncle Hagop
    Jon Bonet
    Elizabeth Short - Also known as: The Black Dahlia (reminds me of Anna Nicole in some ways)

    One Question for all of them: Who killed you?

  • I wanted to post on the story I read last night about mother & daughter realationships. I was to tired last night but now I can’t post on it? But I wanted to say that it made me so depressed because I can’t remember any “really” good times with my mother as a child. I know there has to be some.. I just can’t remember them. She and my dad were divorced while mom was expecting my youngest sister. So I don’t remember to much with my dad around till I was older. In my teenage years I was very hard to handle. I put my mom through hell on earth. She was never home so I was never home. When she was home she was drunk or on her way to get drunk. I really thought she hated me since I was such a rotten child. She died when I was 26. And I never really got to know that she did love me. And I never let her know how much I loved her. I left to live with my dad at 15 and never went back that much to SD. to see her. But now from raising my children I do know that she knew I loved her and that she did forgive me for being a hard to handle child. My kids were hard to handle. Sometimes Tom will say he is so sorry for things he did and I tell him… it doesn’t matter anymore. He knows I love him and I KNOW he loves me. At one time… when I was drinking alot I thought my kids hated me. It wasn’t me they hated… it was the drinking. I want them to have mother daughter memories and mother son memories. I hope I have made up for my life of drinking… I think I have. I love my kids and I know they love me. I just hope there are so good memories from their childhood.

  • Karissa,

    I did know you were refering to hell lol. I don’t know why I worded my post the way I did. Sorry about that. I guess it was because we had been talking about Heaven maybe. Who knows, I sure don’t lol.

    One can only think of hell when thinking of Virgie and some of the others lol.

  • Cindy,

    I’m sure too that your mother loved you and I’m also sure she knew you loved her. That’s just something that is instinctively known when the love is really there, even if it’s not outwardly displayed.

    I’m also sure your kids have many good memories and it’s never too late to make more as long as you are all alive.

    My mother didn’t show her affection that way, but I know she loved me. I can’t ever remember her ever telling me that, but I know instinctively, from all that she did for me, that she indeed did love me and I loved her so much. It’s always nice to hear it though and everytime I talk to my kids on the phone, I always tell them I love them before hanging up, or when they come to visit, even the one who lives closeby, I tell them I love them before they leave. You never know if you’ll ever get a chance to say that again. I think that’s very important to tell them so.

  • A.P., that “last lecture of his life” by Randy Pausch was amazing! What an incredible human being. If more people could find that kind of love within themselves, we would all be so much better off.

    I also went to your “interview with God” link. Poetry is one of those arts where words have different effects and take on different meanings for people. The line that I found most hit home for me was

    ““To learn that it only takes a few seconds
    to open profound wounds in those they love,
    and it can take many years to heal them.”

    This has been a very odd and difficult year. . .primarily because it has shown me a virtual landlside of people who have absolutely no hesitation about hurting others, whether through emotional abuse, misuse of power, lying, cruel actions, neglect, carelessness, using others, disregard, hatefulness. These things have touched my life and spirit, as well as the lives and spirits of several people I know. Acquaintances and even strangers can open wounds, as well as people we know and love.

    Then, too, was the terrible death of a woman who was an absolute bright light to everyone who met her. Tari Klapprich beat breast cancer once. She lived life as if every day, and every person, was precious. Then, one night as she and her husband were getting ready for bed, he had a heart attack. He was only 42. She and her 16 year old daughter were devastated. Still, Tari came back to work, and though her light had dimmed, it was stilll brighter than most. One month later, she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. She fought for life until the end, and kept her spirits high, still exhibiting grace and care for others even when wracked with pain. She fought for herself, and for her daughter, but this time she did not win.

    And I look around where I work, and see some of the very worst, most unkind, and selfish people. . .people who trample over others and care for no one except themselves, and maybe even then not that much… I can’t help think — why her? why not one of the miserable people who don’t appreciate the life they have been given?

    Anyway, as a person whose already somewhat introverted by nature, this year has found me wanting to hide somewhere — wanting that sanctuary more than ever before. I’ve developed what’s probably an unhealthy fear of new people and new experiences. So, being me, I tackle that fear by adding new people and experiences. So far, it’s not been the best game plan. :-)

    Wow, this post ended up far longer than intended! See what you did? :-)

  • Joni, I do the same that you do. . .every phone call, every visit ends with I Love You. It doesn’t matter if they know it after all these years. . .I like to remind them. :-)

    Cindy, I believe that children, even grown ones, can forgive parents who made mistakes, but most especially when the parent stands up and takes responsibility for whatever they did that may have brought harm. You have done that, in spades, and I think you have probably taught them all so much. That they all love you as deeply as they do is a testament to your heart as well as theirs.

  • Well said Jane, and no, it was not too long, never is. I conquer my fears by diving straight into them full speed to overcome them. It works for me anyway.
    Yes it has been a very strange year for alot of people I believe. Hurt can ALWAYS be healed through truth and tears. It takes time but can happen.

  • I agree with Lucky, never too long. My mother died four years ago of pancreatic cancer, the same cancer Dr. Randy Pausch is inflicted with. He is correct, it is a very painful death and absolutely horrifying, as a loved one, to stand by and watch them dying. My mother was the sweetest, most thoughtful and giving person anyone could meet. I will be honest and say I was lost for a while as far as my faith was concerned because I had a difficult time understanding why such a loving person had to endure such a long, excrutiating death. She had never, ever hurt anyone. I have gradually regained my faith, but it is a question I would ask God .

    I am also somewhat introverted, or guarded with strangers, but posting on your site has brought me out of my shell.

  • AP
    I have a simular situation as yours. I too questioned my faith and had a difficult time understanding “why”? My father who had suffered two types of cancer from the time I was 9 had battled every thing thrown at him. When I was 20 he got another type of Cancer, he was determined to fight this and I remember the “Family Meeting” with the Dr. He gave my father 2 years. That was August 1983 we were busy planning my wedding which was going to be in May of the next year(9 months away). I was so happy my daddy would be around for it. Well……so we thought my dad passed in October two months later. I have three brothers two older one younger. The older one above me and I were always close we got even closer and he was always the person I went to with things I would have normally gone to my dad.
    My brother was married and he and his wife had put off having children until they built their business and their house.He built the house himself, the business and house were debt free no mortgages on either. They fianlly decided after 18 years of marriage it was time to have a baby. This was Febuary 1996 God had other plans he threw them a HUGE curveball. My brother was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He like my father decided it was not going to get him and he was going to fight. He found out April 1996 after fighting the biggest battle of his life he died 10 months later on Valentines day Febuary 14,1997. My sister in law never had their baby.
    I began questioning my Faith, I began having thoughts of my own death an accident? Cancer? I started wearing my seatbelt All the time(not just when my boys said “Mommy put on your seat belt”) was I begining to get paranoid?
    Three months later I got pregnant I found out in June(June 10th). This was a BIG surprise, we had two boys we were done. I had gone back to work full time two years earlier,started my carear again.
    In Febuary the following year I had my daughter one week before the first anniversary of my brothers death. She was a blessing at a time that was somber for all thinking of him, she brought happiness. His name is Bryan we named her Bryanna my Sister in law is her Godmother. A few years later my SiL found out she would never have been able to carry a baby. So this was our miracle. My Sister in Law and I are very close today she and my daughter have a strong bond.
    When I find myself asking “Why”? I understand God has his reasons and I know he has his plans for all of us.

  • Well, I am supposed to be packing. . .but I had to stop and read.

    A.P., I would also ask that question of God. I think even when loved ones live to be very old, their loss is heartbreaking, even though expected. When they are taken early, though, and there’s no expectation it’s particularly difficult. I am so glad you had a mother like her, though. I wish every child could know the experience of unconditional love and nurturing. You must miss her every day.

    Mish, that is a very powerful story, and I am so glad you, your sister-in-law and Bryanna formed such a close bond. That has to be such a gift for all of you, particularly your SIL. To not be able to have children of your own when you really want them is such a painful experience — and begs the same type of questions we’ve asked here: Why so many people who don’t want children have them (and keep them!), when so many others who would be great parents can’t get pregnant, even after years of effort and expense. There is no good answer.

  • Gosh, you all have expressed some beautiful sentiments.

    I agree with Jane. This has been a very bad year for my family as well. I am looking forward to a better 2008.

    Well, for my heavenly debut, I would have to say that tops on my list would be Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel. I have a whole lot of questions that I would like to ask them. I would like to meet Helen Keller and Anne Frank. And I would like to see my dear friend Lisa who was murdered by a man that was obsessed with her.

    Jane, I know that the last thing to be unplugged will be your computer and it will also be the first thing to be set up. Hope they have your access ready for you.
    I just wanted to wish you luck with your move. I hope everything goes ok for you.
    Ill watch things here while you are busy.

  • If there’s a heaven, like the one I imagine, there will be no need to talk or meet with anyone.
    Instant enlightenment, all knowing, enchantment, all pain and suffering gone in a flash.
    Overwhelming love and peace, and joy unlike anything we ‘feel.’
    Infinite and absolute pure bliss, everyone will become ‘one’ with the universe which is God.
    I just hope believing in angels and a baby, like Jesus, helps…and what better thing to hope for and live for than goodness…and babies?
    So why doubt happiness, and why not have faith?
    What has pessimism ever accomplished anyway, but strife.

    I bought my sign tonight, “For Sale By Owner.”
    Darn it, I don’t want to leave.

    And if I heaven isn’t exactly the way I perceive it might be then I want to meet with Alfredo Pacino and some of those musically gifted Newman’s ….

  • Dear Jane,
    I hope you have a laptop, so you can keep in contstant ‘touch’ with us!!!
    Good luck with your move!
    Love Always,

  • QV and Freida, I’ll be around and probably won’t go without access for longer than a weekend.

    The Devin way of moving is not very efficient, I admit.

    Pack two or three boxes. Move those in the car on Saturday.

    Pack a few more. Wait for people to show up Sunday and move the heavy stuff..

    On Monday, go to work, come home, pack more. Move those in car.

    Do the same on Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri.

    On Sat, clean the old place. Pack up car with left-behinds and cleaning supplies.

    On Sunday, fall to an exhausted heap in new place.

    On Monday, go to work, come home, look around and feel overwhelmed. Muscles are sore. Pick up a stray paperbook and re-read it for the 5th time.

    Do the same Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri. By Friday, muscles start to feel better, but clean socks are nowhere to be found. Do a load of laundry, and then process how much work is left to do.

    On Saturday, have other plans. All-day ones.

    On Sunday, clean and organize the new place. Fall to the floor in an exhausted heap.

    None of the Devin’s, neither my children or I, are known for our lightning speed. We’re often like turtles in a field of rabbits when it comes to this kind of work, or maybe just procrastinators? When we do get going, we tend to get a lot done in one day. Slow and then speedy for the last mile wins the race? LOL.

  • One of my kitties got out last night and I had to get a ladder and get her off the roof of my house. Cats are so adventurous.
    A few years back another one of my kitties escaped and it was during an ice storm.
    When I let her in, she was badly injured and I’m sure she fell from the roof.
    I gave her sactuary, and food and water, and medicine, and a quiet place to heal…she recovered completely.
    Yet, I had to give her up, after more than five years from then…she was more than 10 years old and I had to let her go…
    I’ve had quite a few pets, and try so hard to protect and take care of them.
    That unconditional love fills me completely…yet, we all must venture outside or we are not content.

  • Mish,
    That was a beautiful and moving post. Bryanna, a wonderful blessing to honor your brother. I am sure he would be very proud .

    Good luck with your move!

  • I came across your site some ago, with good intentions of immediatly returning, and, promptly forgot having stored away in a long list of favorites.

    How surprising to come across it again this afternoon, and do some catching up so to speak.

    The book, “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” is a remarkable and stirring, thought provoking read ~ I enjoyed it tremendously when it came out a few years ago.

    I’ve often thought, of who the people in my life would be, as written according to the book, would be that I will meet in Heaven.

    I can’t remember exactly the sequence or significence now of these 5 people ~ Age and laziness catching up to me.

    Someone that has had an impact on your life that you were unaware of.
    Someone that you had an impact on without knowing it.
    Someone that loved you deeply. {that perhaps you were unaware of}
    Someone from your past.
    Someone from your future.

    My hope would be to meet that someone that had a great impact on me, that I was unaware of, so that I could finally put the answers to my life together and know the reasons I am the way that I am ~

    The person that loved me without my knowing it. Is is someone that I would have loved back, and made my life differantly in spite of finding out whose impact on my life has made me the way that I am ~
    Who was this person that came into my life and I let them go, without even knowing that I had them………
    What did it do to them?

    To the person from my past, I would apologize. For surely, there must have been a reason that they remained in my past ~ Good or bad, apologies are cleansing in many manners, and, the older I get, the easier I find it to say that I am sorry, when, as compared to when I was younger, pulling a “I’m sorry” out of me was something I could not do for it seemed that I said to many times for things that were beyond my control, or my doings.

    Who would be my person of the future?
    I can’t even guess…….perhaps a great grandchild that I watched over from above and praised and was proud of.

    As for going with the flow of the topic, and in accordance to those that have answered before me.
    There are many, yet few.
    It’s hard to narrow the list.

    I would want to be with my father. I hope that he is the one that meets and greets me.
    I was with him in his passing, so, I would hope that he could be there to meet me.
    I distinctly remember the early morning of his passing, in the cold, in the middle of a terrible blizzard.
    He was unable to speak finally, and just moaned from discomfort. Evenutally, his eyes opened wide in what my sister thought was fear, what I though bewilderment, and, a tear came his one eye only.
    I remember thinking at that moment, that he was gone, that he was being recieved and greeted, and, I wondered who was meeting him.
    He had a hatred for his mother that he never expanded on, and I think some for his father also ~
    These were grandparents that I loved dearly, yet, never questioned his reason for I have memories from childhood that aren’t what we would call “Poloroid Moments” either.
    Was his mother holding out her arms to him? Was all forgiven between them in that exact second?

    Was it a love from his past that wasn’t our mother?

    Would he love my baby that passed as much as he loved his grandchildren here on Earth, and, would he know her upon seeing her?
    Does she look like me, sound like me, talk like me?
    Am I with him already and I don’t even know it?

    Did the impact that I had someone else do them harm, or better them?

    My thoughts are going all over the place, and are jumbled. Sorry for the free-wheeling.

    Back to those other 5 people now, again………..

    1} Anne Boelyn ~ One of Henry the 8ths wifes
    Weren’t you HOT in those dresses and skirts~!! Did you really love him, or was it just for the position and name, or, did you really have a choice to say no to him?

    2} Terry Shivro ~
    Were you “Really “dead and in a vegatative state” when the state of Florida let you die? What happened that day you collapsed?

    3} Anyone that lived 200yrs ago in Russia.
    What was your life like and what the joys and hardships?

    4} Grace Kelly ~
    Her name to me always meant exactly that, “Grace”. She seemed warm and geniune. I would just want to sit and talk mother things with her. Daily things.

    5} Jaques Coustou ~
    I remember watching his shows when I was a child, and being so excited when they would advertise that he had a special upcoming. He seemed to be a man of the world. Nothing was fearful to him, and he went everywhere. I would enjoy the stories that he could tell and just sit in awe of his deep sea adventures.

    I guess that’s it for now ~ The list could change many times over, from day to day, or moment to moment.

    Everyone seems to be pretty much on the same page with so many fasinating people.
    Princess Diana and the outstanding humanitarian things that she did, changing the face of the monarchy the way that she did, and ensuring changes for her children.

    President and Mrs. Kennedy.

    Anyway ~
    Thanks for giving me a chance to look back, and forward this afternoon. I think that I needed it.

    Health and Happiness to All ~

  • I want to meet Jesus first and foremost.
    After that meeting, who knows?

  • AP, Those links were both so inspirational. Dr. Pausch…wow. If only we could all face adversity with his courage and strength of spirit. The messages in the interview were equally inspiring, whether they’re presented as words spoken from God or even just a secular philosophy to live by. The pictures themselves were so moving.

    Mish, You must feel like there’s nothing that you can’t handle in life. Your family really exemplifies what families are meant to be. That was very inspiring and worthy of its own ABC segment.

    Liz, I enjoyed seeing how much care and thought you put into your 5 people. You sound like a very contemplative person who doesn’t jump to conclusions lightly. You would make a great juror, thoughtful and measured.

    Jane, I don’t know where you’re moving to, but I hope it goes smoothly. My husband and I just went through it recently and I know what a pain it is. Especially that part about the cleaning. I find the best part to be the feeling of a new beginning, which from the sound of it, you are due for. Best of luck in your new home.

  • I didn’t include Jesus, because I figured that would be a given? If not, then He definately would be top on my list, but I do think we would all meet Him.

  • BOY……. I have to check this more often. It took 3 cups of coffee and to read all of this. So many of you make reading calm and soothing to my mind. There are alot of people I would love to meet and most of you have named the ones I first thought of. But I will say them anyway.
    Terry Armstrong came to mind right away. I know she would tell me that Troy was nice and kind to her and maybe she would tell me who killed her with no thought of how precious life is.
    Oswald and Ruby……… I need answers to that. I cried so hard in school when I learned of JFK’s death. I was in the 5th grade.
    Kara … she was the daughter I gave away when I was 16. I did get to talk to her on the phone before she died but she didn’t want us meeting her because she had lost all her hair from kemo (sp)
    Bonnie and Clyde… just to ask….WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!!! LOL
    this is #7…. but Hilter…. to tell him how much I hate him. But I really don’t think I will meet him in Heaven!!
    Plus…… we are all still here but I have to add that I am so happy and blessed to have met all of you. I want to keep you around for a long long time!!

  • I just have to respond to what Cindy wrote about Ruby and Oswald ~ Her memories of that day and how it really changed a multitude of news reporting, and what we were about to see unfold before our eyes.

    My memories of that day are profound also.

    I was in the second grade, and had came home that day from school sick.
    It was a dreary, wet day where we lived. And on a farm, it seemed even more isolated at the time.

    I had gone into the living room, waiting for my mother to bring me some soup for a light lunch.
    We always watched TV with the lights out, and, given that it was a dreary day to begin with, it seemed like it was dusk.

    The TV was on, and, we only got a couple of channels at the time, so, the arrival of President and Mrs. Kennedy was all that was on.
    I remember actually seeing the President getting shot, Mrs. Kennedy trying to escape the car, and being shoved back into it and then th car speeding off and everything being in a blur.
    I had no idea what was taking place at the time.

    Then, our phone began to ring. We had what was called a “party-line’, common in those days, and, more so if you lived in the country.
    Non-stop ringing, over and over.
    I was still watching what was going on, not understanding at the time, when I heard my mother yelling in the background, “Shirley Mae, that is not funny, don’t say that, how could you joke about a thing like that”.

    Then, silence…………and all of a sudden my mother showing up in front of the televison, and just letting out a silent whimper, and covering her mouth with her apron and holding back sobs.

    I can’t remember much of that day.
    School was canceled the next day.
    Again, nothing was on tv now except what had taken place.

    I watched the plane with the Presidents body leave Dallas, Johnson being sworn in on the plane with a confused, dazed and bloody Mrs. Kennedy standing next to him.

    There was little talk in our home. It was quiet. There were 6 kids, and, for the first time that I can remember, there was no fighting, bickering and bantering among us.
    Everyone seemed to float quietly in the house. Hushed phone calls, quick hushed phone calls.

    So, when things seemed to be settled some, the next horror again exploded in front of my face.
    Walking down that crowded basement hallway, all hell broke loose again when Ruby was gunned down in front of my young eyes.
    Again, mother in the kitchen fiixing lunch. Campbells tomatoe soup and a grilled cheese sandwhich. The exact same lunch that was being made when President Kennedy was shot.

    More phone calls = the 3 short rings = followed by 2 long, 2 short, the party line going crazy all over again.
    My mother rushing to the living room to the tv again.

    I think that these images played out on our living room televisions in the 60’s gave way for the new media such as we are accustomed to seeng now.

    Everything is “real time”.
    The war ~ Car chases, arrests.

    Through the eyes of an eight yeaer old, to have those images branded into my memory.
    Wonder what that did to me???

    40 some years later, I don’t think that I want to know anymore.

  • `IF i were to meet any of the persons mentioned, I would like it to be a near death experience. i aould take notes from everyone we all would like ans from, and then I would give them to Jane, and she would know how to put them all to gether for us on here. WHAT A PLAN. And Cindy, you are the really lucky one on this post, YOU havr met Jane, and sent a day with her, and asked her questions, , Hey and you are both alive. How cool is that. i am still put side , working, now its time to get the walnuts picked up, they shook them to day, so before it rains, it has to be done. actually i am asking one of the workers if his wife would like to pick them up and she can sell them. Thats a plan to me.. bye now

  • I was a junior in high school when JFK was shot and we had been to an assembly in the auditorium and when we got back to our homeroom our teacher told us. That was right before we went home. We were all in a state of shock. When I got home, we watched everything on our little old black and white TV. I remember crying.

    Liz I’ve heard of those country party lines, but I lived in a small town and we had two others on our line and if we picked up the phone, and they were on it, we just had to hang up and wait until they were done. It would get annoying if we were on the phone and someone on our line wanted to use it and they would keep picking up and hanging up lol. Sometimes they would just keep clicking the button. We never heard their calls coming in though like the country lines. There was an old grumpy lady on our line and when we would talk to friends, she would pick up and tell us to get off the phone lol. We didn’t have dial up then. You picked up the receiver and waited for the operator to ask “number please” then you told her the number and she put it through. To this day, I can remember our number, it was 35Y. They were weird numbers back then lol. I can even remember the number of a family down the street, because my sister was friends with their one daughter and my mother would get me to call there to tell my sister to come home.

    Cindy, it’s nice seeing you again and that last sentence was so nice and we feel the same about you and your family. That is so sad about your daughter dying. Take care.

  • Welcome Liz! Great comments from you and everyone. . .gee, I should go away more often!

    Cindy, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. You have really had your share of heartache. I admire you for keeping your spirits up and trying so hard to live a good, loving life.

    Joni and Liz, those memories are incredible. Joni, I know I’m not that much younger than you are — we’re probably within five years — which only goes to show how quickly things change.

    Well, I am now in my new place, and exhausted. :-) Broke two toes falling down the stairs today, which goes nicely with all my sore muscles. I love those reminders that I’m not eighteen anymore. (Or 30. . .but who’s counting?).

    Moving is definitely growing old, and I hope I won’t have to do it again for a long, long time! Since Sunday, I’ve been on the go between packing, hauling, cleaning– oh, and that pesky thing called work. My old place is squeaky, Spic- n-Span clean, my new place is overflowing with boxes and bags, and has a totally empty refrigerator. :-) Luckily, I did find the box that had all my coffee supplies.

    Viv — anybody — you’re welcome to come to MN and help me organize. This, to me, is the hardest part. Figuring out what fits in the new place, what has to go into the garage, which cupboard to put what stuff in. . .where to put the furniture. Alison’s right though. . new beginnings are the best part. It will be nice to be done and feel like I’m “home”. So far, my new place is really quiet and peaceful, and there’s a beautiful wooded trail out back for Hanna, who likes to take me for walks. . .punctuated every twenty seconds by a rest to smell something.

    New article coming soon! Thank you all for the beautiful and personal thoughts you expressed here. I just loved reading everyone’s posts.

  • Jane,
    I have had a broken toe before. Are you able to wear shoes?

    I wish I could be there to help you, I am really good at organizing and decluttering. Meanwhile, take your time settling in and don’t worry about the article, we promise we will be good.

  • Jane, all I can say is…JOIN THE, “BROKEN TOES OF AN OLD WOMAN DAY”. lol I’m not 30 or 40 anymore either.
    I am sitting here typing this to you while I have two broken toes also. July 6, fell down the stairs at our beachouse, tried to catch myself and did, but broke a toe on the right foot. Did not know it at the time. It swole black and blue and everyone said I probably sprained it and there’s nothing they can do for a broken toe anyway. So I hobbled around for two weeks.
    Two weeks later, stubbed my foot on a chair at the beachouse and broke another toe on my left foot. Again swole black and blue.
    Finally I said, ” that’s it”, went and had both feet x-rayed and I had three fractures on the first toe that was not healing. And two fractures on the left toe that was new.
    They wrapped both toes and said I had to wrap them this way for 8-9 weeks. Along with wearing these aweful ugly shoes to keep my feet safe so they will heal properly for 8-9 weeks. To this day the left one still hurts pretty bad.
    Then last night I heard George Clooney’s girlfriend broke her toes also on a motorcycle wreck. She was using crutches.
    So good luck to you with your feet! I have never broken a bone on my body in all these years until now. Why now? It’s a long and painful road.

  • Jane,

    I was thinking and I must have been a senior, not a junior when JFK was shot. He was shot in “63, right? I was a senior and I remember now the teacher that told us was my homeroom teacher my senior year. Guess my memory isn’t all that good sometimes lol. Jane, I thought you were much younger than me for some reason.

    That’s too bad about your broken toes Jane. That’s all you needed yet, isn’t it? With moving and cleaning and now with two broken toes. Hope they mend well and quickly.

    Too bad about your’s too Lucky.

    I stubbed the top of one of mine this summer in a swimming pool, really bad and thought for a little while I may have broken it. It hurt for so long, then got numb and within an hour or so, it turned completely purple, the whole toe, lol. It didn’t swell, so I figured it wasn’t broken.

    Good luck Jane with finding a place for everything. I have only moved twice in my life and it’s been 30 years since we had this house built and have been here ever since.

  • I wish I could say things like you all do. Liz…….. just reading your post made me cry. It brought back that awful day. You made it sound like it was yesterday.
    I have to join the broken toe story. I was moving my couch one day to shampoo the carpet and I dropped the stupid thing right on my toe. I didn’t cuss… but I wanted to!! lol I taped my toes together and went to work… ouch!!!
    Jane… you are right… I have had alot of heartache in my life but so many more good ones with my family.
    Vivian.. yes… I am very lucky to have met Jane. When she looks at you talking you can tell that she really cares what you have to say. She is one in a million. And i hope to see her again.
    Jane… I will be in MN on Thrusday after I have lunch with my sisters in Sioux Falls. Tom and I are going to stay overnight at Troy’s and then come back on Friday. Tom still hasn’t found a job and it is really getting to him. His rent will be due soon and he has no money. He is even out of food. I will take him to the store when we get back from Troy’s. He needs to find a job NOW!!! lol

  • A.P.. today will tell. Most of my shoes are still in boxes, but I found sneakers. Just looking at them hurts. :-)

    Joni, I wasn’t in school yet when Kennedy was shot. Now where did I get the idea you were a 60’s kid like me? :-)

    Wow, I had no idea how many here have broken their Southern digits. I know MMD breaks hers on a consistent basis, but like Lucky I’ve never broken a hand or foot — I had my jaw broken when I was a teen, but outside of that, I’ve been pretty fortunate.

    Lucky, I couldn’t believe Clooney’s gf maneuvered the red carpet on crutches. Pretty brave girl. So, eight-nine weeks? Great! An excuse to buy new ugly shoes. :-)

  • I had yet to be thought of when Kennedy was shot but you all paint a pretty vivid picture of what it must have been like. It’s funny how phone numbers were 35Y when in today’s world you can’t even call you neighbor without dialing 1 - area code - seven digit number! I do remember the days when the whole of southern Michigan had the area code 313 - now I’m just one of the originals!

    Every one of my toes have been broken, at least once, many multiple times so I feel you’re broken toe pain. I hate to even say it but my last break was probably about 6 years ago and it still hurts :(

    As for my 5, I know it’s not supposed to be family but the top of my list would be my daddy. This Saturday will be 8 years that he’s been gone. Taken far to young (at the age of 57) from esophagial (sp?) cancer. In memory of him I’m going in the morning for my 5th EGD (it’s about 5 years overdue).

    Here’s my non family list

    1. Daniel Wayne Smith - what was really going on in your life? Who was this girl that completely broke your heart?
    2. Princess Diana - what really happened that night in the tunnel?
    3. JFK Jr
    4. my mother’s biological father - why did you leave and never look back? Seriously, your daughter was only 2!
    5. Uncle Jesse - my dad’s brother that fell asleep at the wheel (at the age of 18) while trying to make it back to base on time.

  • i WOULD LOVE TO COME HELP YOU Jane. I like to do other peoples houses better than my own, like when i was young i would go to my friendss and help her and her mom to clean from top to botom, but when i went home, and did my work IT WAS A CHORE. Guess i just get borwd, doing the same thing, But I bet Hanna loves the path behind your house. Talk to you soon.

  • Jane, I have no idea where you got that idea, lol. I was born in ‘46 and grew up in the 50’s. I think that was still the best decade.

    I had thought that you were much younger from something you had said one time.

    Boy alot of people have had broken toes! I’ve never had a broken bone yet (knock on wood, lol). I did have to have 3 vertebrae fused together though when I was 30, but my back wasn’t broken.

    Cindy, I hope your son soon finds a job.

  • Linda, yes, our phone number back then was strange. I have no idea what they were in the rest of the country at that time though, but that’s the way they were here. I can’t remember when we first went to the rotary dialing.

  • Now Jane, although we have laughed and giggled on the phone about the number of times I have broken a toe (if there is a cord anywhere I will find it rushing around and one part of my foot will go one way and the rest the other way) but is that any reason to let EVERYONE know that I am such a klutz? LOL

    Now after reading these posts I know that I am in excellent company! Welcome to the official broken toe club. LOL Dues are payable upon admittance! hehehehehe

  • MMD…. I think I paid my dues by going to work in pain!!! lol

  • To whom it may concern.
    I am applying for membership to your broken toe club. My credentials are every toe broken on my right foot at least twice. None on my left. Do I qualify?
    Thank you :-)

  • Sisters of the (ya ya) broken toe club.
    I fractured one toe on my left foot. It was a cold rainy day and I was curled up on the couch wrapped in an afghan. the phone rang I went to get up to answer it and my toe got caught in one of the holes in the afghan and I fell flat on my face and I fractured my toe.
    I have also fractured my hip(roller skating)
    Broke my left arm (Dancing at a school dance to the song “wipe out”)
    Broke my leg and foot(at a school dance falling down a flight of stairs)
    Since I pnly fractured one toe I hope I can still get in… ;)

  • Hey I have to share some news. Not to grand but to me its great. Some of you may remember from QV’s chat that I liked to “find” treasures. I mentioned free finds on the sides of the roads and yard sales.
    I had said that i went to a yard sale late and everything was free. I picked up a antique sled. It looked like one they use in the dog races in alaska(the ididarad(sp)).
    Well tonight im going through a magazine called reminisce. There is my sled. back around 1900 the sled new was around $2.50 today it might sell for $650.-$750.00
    Yippi ki yay!!

  • MIsh…. wipe out??? I loved dancing to that!!! to bad you did “wipe out” lol
    Way to go on the sled!!! I never have that kind of luck.
    .. …. yes I did……… I found many treasures at!!!

  • Calling all toes……..ME TOO!:

  • I love finding treasures. Even at clearance sales, if there is a really great deal, I have to come home and brag about it. Great job on your sled find Mish!

  • Funny how this thread started with five people and end up with broken toe stories. LOL
    I can not answer for the rest of you, but I just thought mine were chalked up to old age and clumsyness . LOL

  • John Lennon - What does true, passionate, undying love feel like? How do you feel about all Yoko has accomplished since your passing? Will you be there when she dedicates your light in Iceland? Oh, I know you will be. I wish I could be.

    Elvis - I have no questions for him. I know all I need to know. I feel such a strong connection to the man it’s unexplainable. I have many many things to say to him, though. Thank you for being the nova I idolized as a young child. You changed music, you changed the world, and you changed my life. Thank you for being you. I don’t care of your infidelities and addictions. I have them, too. Your will helps me to get through it.

    Roger Maris - What was it really like being hated in NY? How did you handle it? You are so strong. What are your real feelings about not being in the Hall of Fame yet?

    There are many others I would be interested in meeting, including JFK and Johnny Cash, Joe Dimaggio and Lou Gherig…but these are the three who have helped me the most throughout my life.

  • Five People: First three for their courage and vision to change the status quo; the last two for their gift of sharing hope, laughter and authenticity in their celebrity. Giants to me when I was a kid.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Martin Luther King
    Martin Luther
    Jimmy Stewart
    Bob Hope

  • Lucille Ball
    Princess Diana
    marilyn monroe
    JFK Sr. and Jr
    Jackie O
    my two baby sons
    my sister
    my Dad
    Liam my soulmate dog

  • Jesus - just to ask him why he didn’t add a disclaimer to his words… Something like,
    “if you don’t follow all of my words, you can’t spout any of my words!”
    “If you have made a million on my words, you can no longer spout my words”
    “If you don’t accept everybody, you aren’t one of my people”
    “If you aren’t pro-choice, than you can’t believe in war and execution”
    “As much as they would like to believe it, Republicans don’t speak for me”
    “Democrats can be christians too”
    And he really should have done a few more paragraphs on separation of church and state, “Give to Caesar what is his”, doesn’t seem to have gotten through to most people!

  • Jane

    Five people I would liketo meet that is not hard for me off the top of my head
    1- Rosie O’Donnell
    2- Ophra Winfrey
    3-Montel Williams
    4- Silvia Brown
    5- you jane
    why these five , I feel that these five people are giving and desire nothing in return , they give and speak with thier hearts , I admire all of you ,and someday I will have chance to meet you all if it is meant for our paths to cross. Peace to you all , and keep up the good work you to for others, and most of all ,stay Healthy as I wouldn’t want t loose any of you before I get a chance to meet you all. and the sixth person would be Madonna , I love how she just puts it out thier and how you al really do care what the critics think bravo to you all and peace

  • correction on last sentence I wrote above

    I love how she just puts it out thier and how you all really do care what the critics think bravo to you all and peace
    it should read
    I love how she puts it out thier and how you all really do not care what the critics think
    Bravo to you all and Peace

  • I would like to meet the creative artists . . . music, art, literature, actors, comedians, etc. so I could thank them for all the enjoyment they have added to my life. (Too many to choose just one.)

    Mary Burke, my second grade teacher, (58 yrs. ago) who was one of the kindest and most caring people I ever met, and totally dedicated to her profession.

    Sis and Don R. who were totally there for me when I needed someone to lean on and who helped me pick up the pieces and move on.

    Lady Di because, in spite of disappointment and difficulties in her personal life, she used, her “influence” to improve the lives of others.

    And last, but not least, the discoverers, inventors, creators, developers, etc. of chocolate, pizza, crispy creme, alfredo sauce, pepsi, cheesecake, french fries, buffalo wings and of course, take-out & delivery !


  • Veronica,

    Democrats ARE Christians too.

  • I might add, first and foremost lol.

  • The five people I would most like to meet in Heaven

    My 4th grade teacher who, had so much faith in me .Kept in touch most of my life and all of hers. I am 68 now , so do the math
    Rosie O. in a big old craft we could create art by brush slinging paint on the walls.
    Martin luther King..just to shake his hand .
    Mother Theresa, to ask her if it had all been worth the pain and suffering
    Bette Davis..cause she was real as they come !

  • Other than family, I’d like to meet John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Janis Joplin,
    Anne Frank, and Margaret Mead. I think we’d have some wonderfully interesting and informative conversations.

  • 7:53pst ~ Humm…Nice to meet you June.
    Is ~wonderful~to have found you …when I did~where I did…
    Like songs~ that refrain memories for us…Your friend Liz speakes volumes for myself…thank you Liz.
    I look forward to the next click~and the next song…
    till then
    p.s. I hope Im not to late…(only my nose has been broken!)…

  • The only person I would want to ask any questions to is God. I’d ask him why he gave me the parents I have and did I fulfill the road he paved for me in my lifetime. I would also ask him to let me see the animals I had in my lifetime as they were the most faithful to me through out my life.

  • Who is Terry Armstrong and what happened to her?

  • JoJo,

    Terry Armstrong was a lady from Norfolk, NE who was brutally murdered 3 years ago and there is alot of corruption in that town. Her case is not solved yet and Jane had written some stories about it here.

    The county attorney has a friend who is involved with drugs and the one detective on the case had held a gun to his own wife’s head and threatened to kill her and he got off with a fine. He implemented the law enforcement’s computer system in Norfolk.

    The county attorney would drive to the Mexican border to bring up his friend so he wouldn’t get arrested from a warrant in Colorado, or something like that. There are more murders and bodies that were found in the general that Terry’s body was found and those cases go unresolved.

    On a reservation in NE, there have been 50 native Americans murdered since the mid 70’s I think. The northeast part of NE, from what I’ve read is very drug infested along with the infestation of corruption.

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