Elephant Girl

Elephant Girl Now Available on Kindle! And Smashwords!

Click the picture or go to Amazon to buy!  (If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon allows you to download one for your computer free–just check the right hand side of the page). Other e-versions are now also available on Smashwords. The paperback will be available in about a month.

This is an exciting, nerve-wracking, beautiful, overdue and scary time for me. A book that took me 49 years to write is finally finished and it’s getting out there slowly but surely. I hope you’ll all let me know what you think — good, bad and in-between — through emails, social media, or posting your reviews on Amazon.

More to come soon! In the meantime, I’ll repeat what I wrote for the inside of the book:


With deep gratitude to the readers of janedevin.com, who heard my voice and encouraged me to keep speaking.

To those who understood that a white flag doesn’t always mean surrender—that sometimes the bravest thing we can do is to seek peace: Much thanks to Colette Jacobsen, Samantha Thomas, Suzi Kressler, Bruce Nunnally and Teri Matheason Voyna.

It is often the case when living hand-to-mouth that both are empty. I deeply appreciate the generosity of those supporters—too numerous to mention—who contributed resources that made the completion of Elephant Girl possible.  Thank you to Rick Stabile and Doc Sheldon for being dedicated proofreaders. Thank you to Jessica Gottlieb, Tanis Miller and Karoli Kuns for their encouragement. Thank you also to Terry Kline and Connie Burke of General Motors and Karen Smith of Verizon Wireless.

For writing a beautiful song to accompany Elephant Girl, I thank Suzen Juel, a brilliant composer and lyricist as well as a generous soul.

Finally, I thank everyone who ever gave me a chance, a helping hand, a warm smile, or a good word. You are who makes the green fields possible, both in reality and imagination.

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The Soundtrack of a Life

Suzen Juel and I lived in the same state for many years and never met. Instead, we met online just a few months after I left Minnesota, when I caught a link to one of her YouTube performances on Twitter. I was moved by Suzen’s raw vocals and powerful lyrics. I started downloading all of her music, which I listened to in and out of cars on my road trip. When my trip ended and I was writing my book in a Starbucks parking lot, I’d return to my room late at night, put on my headphones and listen to songs like In the Grass—which is really poetry set to music.

Writing Elephant Girl was a visual journey for me. In my head, I saw it as a film. . .and there was a soundtrack to that film that I just couldn’t imagine anyone else but Suzen Juel singing. I sent her an email and surprisingly she agreed to to put her talents to work for the EG story. I sent her some lyrical concepts. A week or so later, she sent me her first version of the song—I was blown away. She said no, that’s just a draft. She wanted to work on the song some more.

Elephant Girl by Suzen JueL 

Click the link above and take a listen. When I hear it–and I’ve listened to it more than a dozen times so far this morning–I hear a past that haunts and a future of freedom. I hear Elephant Girl escaping her chains and heading toward green fields and sunlight.

Thank you, Suzen, for lending your soul and talent to the story of Elephant Girl.



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