The Elephant Woman

Although it takes a very long time, eventually the Elephant Girl grows old . . .

1. Beyond the Crowd, Into the Fog, the Fragment of a Child’s Heart
The air is littered with a thousand distractions, and the ground beneath her trembles from the weight of the crowd. The dissonant hum of voices swell and swarm [...]

The Science of Being Human, Pt. 2: But Who Are We, Really?

“The study investigates the relation between people’s personality and the content and style of their writing…” - email from Washington University in St. Louis.
We Judge, and Hopefully Well
Eminem wasn’t the first person to shrug his shoulders in exasperation and say “I am whoever you say I am”.  Humans have a long history of expressing [...]

The Science of Being Human, Pt. 1: 40 Questions

After writing, The Invisible Jesus in Psychology, I had an idea I wanted to test. To help me do that, I invited readers to ask me any question they’d like. Nothing was off-limits.  Here are the questions they asked, and my answers.
1. Do you have regrets? What is one? Do you believe that regrets [...]

20 Questions & A Prize

UPDATE: Congratulations to TRESHA, the winner of the $20 Amazon gift certificate. Thank you to everyone who participated!
I’m working on a project, and need your help. I’ll tell you what the project is after it’s done, but right now I’d like you all to put on your reporter hats and interview me.  I know it’s [...]

The Invisible Jesus in Psychology

Universities in the “Show-Me” state of Missouri seem to like studying blogs and the characters of those who write them.  Last year, the Missouri State University in Springfield asked me to participate in a student study on media ethics and the “Wild West” of the internet. Yesterday, Tal Yakoni and Dr. Simine Vazire of the [...]

Baby Love

Right now, you are one month, seven days old.  You are so tiny that even newborn clothes are too big for you. Your hands get lost in over-long sleeves, and even though I’ve held many babies before, and loved them all,  you feel especially precious to me. I am amazed by how tender I feel [...]