The Christian Right, the Lies, and How Many Days?

The Christian Right Killed the Republican Party is my latest piece on the Huffington Post, and I have to say that so far the responses have surprised me.  I was expecting to get at least a few hate letters — or some prayers for my unrepentant, un-Christian soul — but no.  The readers on HuffPo get it every bit as well as my blogging friends.  Right-wing religion and politics have used each other, each for their own ends, and in doing so have corrupted both religion and politics.

Speaking of corruption, a lovely little solicitation flew into my hands yesterday, courtesy of Minnesota’s own right-wing nut, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who recently received her fifteen minutes of infamy for suggesting that the media should investigate Obama and other members of Congress to find out who is “pro-America” and who is not.

“They’ve got $2M To Smear Me Now!!” cries a sticker planted on the corner of the envelope.  Inside, it gets even more interesting, with Bachmann suggesting that the outpouring of donations to her opponent after her disastrous Hardball appearance was due to “special interest liberal money”.   It couldn’t, of course, have anything to do with how incensed Minnesotans of almost every persuasion were by her McCarthy-like suggestion.  Even Governor Tim Pawlenty and Senator Norm Coleman, both Republicans, repudiated Bachmann’s statements.

“The Alliance for a Better Minnesota, a front group for liberal extremists, is already running a negative smear ad against me on TV,” Bachmann alleges in her letter.  Call something a “front group” and it brings up visions of an armed Patty Hearst, or a group of radicals setting off bombs.  Follow it with “extreme” and you have all the makings of an anarcharchist revolution.  Odd, because while the Alliance clearly has Democratic roots, there is nothing “front group” or extreme about them — unless you count advocating for the interests of the working and middle-class of Minnesota extreme.  Bachmann never explains what she thinks the group is fronting for, but this kind of hyperbolic, fear-driven language has been part and parcel of Republican antics this year.

Lastly, Bachmann’s letter claims that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) “is concerned enough to buy ad time” to support her campaign.  Um, no.  That’s also a lie.  The NRCC canceled its planned media buys in the Twin Cities shortly after Bachmann’s Hardball appearance.

If you haven’t seen Bachmann’s disgraceful brand of conservatism, you really must.  Here’s the whole, unedited clip on YouTube.  After you watch it, read what she had to say about her own comments below, in a letter she wrote to subscribers of a national online conservative newspaper.

“Chris Matthews did what Chris Matthews is paid big bucks to do: Twist my words and set them up for full-fledged distortion when his next guest came on,” she wrote. “And, when the liberal blogs got hold of little clips of my appearance, the spin machine really kicked into overdrive…. They’re motivated entirely by their hatred of me and my conservative beliefs.”

There seems to be a serious disconnect between Bachmann’s mouth, brain, and conscience.  The only “twisting of words” and “full-fledged distortion(s)” arising from Bachmann’s media snafu didn’t come from Matthews, liberal blogs, spin machines or haters — but from Bachmann herself.

Eight days to go, people, but who’s counting?

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  1. Jane–YOU ROCK MY WORLD! The more I read your work, the louder the screaming in my head gets; and that’s a good thing! By the time I get to the polls, I’m sure I’ll be raging. PLEASE put a McCain/Palin voter in my path, somebody!

    BTW, aren’t there drugs for the delusional?

    Keep the heat turned up, Jane–both in the abode and on the internet.

  2. Those darned liberals “getting hold of little clips and kicking off the spin machine”… with all their “special interest liberal money”…and all of their “front groups for liberal extremists”..They are such a thorn in everyone’s side aren’t they? :)

    This is the reaction we get when the homecoming queen becomes the red-headed step child. Someone needs to clue Ms. Bachman in, the days of fear based politics are o-v-e-r.

  3. talk about some radical front group…how about the GOP. That girl screwed the pooch, just like Ted Stevens, Larry Craig…ad infinitum. You are so spot on, Jane. Thanks for your clarity of expression when the rest of us are pulling our hair and sucking our thumbs. One week, help us all.

  4. Jane ROCKS!!!

    This is just one of my FAVORITE political articles you’ve written, it’s so searingly right on. I can’t believe my last name was once Bachman, but I really had no choice in the matter, I got rid of it as soon as I could!! Let’s cheer when she loses ‘cuz it’ll be fun!

  5. This, my dear Jane, is probably one of my most favorite posts. I know- I have said that before; but you’re just such an incredibly insightful writer.

    Bachmann comes off as a tool.

    What I find most interesting from the responses that you received at HuffPo are from those who were Republicans. AND! That there are a lot of them that are straight voting Democrat until “something can be done.”

    Was it really Ronald Regan who was the catalyst to neo-con? Wow. I forget what the Republican Party was before they were associated with the Religious Right.

  6. Oh!
    Bachmann comes off as a tool- all on her own. I didn’t mean to imply that you made her come off as a tool. She does it quite well without any help.

  7. This Republican administration has been detrimental to the mental health of the citizens of our country. Ever since 9/11 they’ve nurtured anxiety with, among other fear tactics, the homeland security high alert levels–having no practical application, they were intended to intmidate. Seeing that daily ticker at the bottom of every news program’s broadcast was like waking up in the morning only to be told first-thing that “something bad might happen to you today.” And I abhor the use of homeland due to its similarity to Hitler’s “homeland.” More recently, I find it hard to believe we sent bombs into Syria and have yet to apologize—-scaring not just US citizens, but citizens of the world.

  8. If you guys want to see something really amazing — something that will show you what kind of deception McCain is capable of — read this piece on HuffPo:

    For those that don’t want to click, the brief is that McCain sent out a mailer suggesting that he and Hillary Clinton are ideologically compatible, and that he’s picking up the 18M supporters she left behind. The ad intimates that HRC is on McCain’s side, despite the fact that she’s been hard at work tub-thumping for Obama.

    And Anne, I totally agree with you on the “homeland” moniker. It still sends shivers down my spine, along with “drug czar”. WTF?

  9. My latest idea for a bumper sticker (if I didn’t detest them so much)…
    “Jesus was a liberal”

    I guess that would make Jesus anti-American in Bachmann’s warped mind. :)

    I’m really kind of sick of all this inciting of anger and fear by the whole McCain/Palin camp. Khaled Hosseini author of “The Kite Runner” says it best in his article “McCain and Palin Are Playing with Fire”

    It’s this whole demonizing and degrading people personally campaign tactic that I think is going to hopefully backfire beautifully on McCain. I think there are a lot of us that are just plain done with him.

    I can’t wait until Tuesday has come and gone. Hopefully we will have elected a person(Obama) whom can begin to repair all the damage from the last bumbling jerk of a President.



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