A Curious Contest

July 21st, 2008


Never mind that last post. Who am I kidding? Charles Bukowski got laid more in one year than I have in a lifetime. I’d have to drink a whole lot more, and have a whole lot more drunk friends, to achieve his studly status — and I’d have to have the time to crank out hundreds more stories, and find some mainstream place that would publish them.

So forget Bukowski. Forget bureaucracy, hypocrisy, and small-minded, mentally drunk people.

What I really want to know is who are you? Who are you, Mac user from Oakland? Telus subscriber from Salmon Arm, BC? Occasional reader from Captain Cook, Hawaii? West New York, NJ? Odessa, Ukraine? Pohang, Korea? Spanaway, WA? Providence, RI?

Every once in awhile I check my stats. I get to see all the interesting cities, countries, and provinces that visited, but since only a few people comment, most remain invisible. Which makes me feel — I don’t know — like ours is a one-sided relationship. I mean, you know pretty much everything about me, from the trivia of my coffee obsession to the passion of my causes — I even showed you my working man hands & told you who I’m crushing on — don’t you think it would be nice if just once you pushed the comment button and said something like,

Dear Jane, it was an accident. I was trying to find porn pics of dreadlock girls.
Dear Jane, I wanted something I could copy for Comp. 101. I was disappointed.
Dear Jane, I can’t stop stalking all things Anna Nicole.
Dear Jane, I was looking for the Verne Troyer sex tape.

I’m fascinated by my two readers from Chicago, IL who never comment, and my one faithful reader from Alton, New Hampshire. I’m also curious about my visitors from Murfreesboro, Tennessee or Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

Since nothing I’ve written to date has compelled the lurkers to respond, I’ve come up with a contest. Comment here, and tell me something, anything:

Dear Jane, I only come for the wit of your regular commenters.
Dear Jane, your run-on sentences hurt my eyes.
Dear Jane, I just came to find out what V-Grrrl or Linda sees in you.

And I will pick a random winner and write an article just for you. About anything that won’t get me stalked by the FBI or kicked off the internet. A story featuring an out of work Starbucks employee and a Mormon missionary? Done. A love letter to Barack Obama? Oh, yeah. An ode to black socks and Bermuda shorts? So do-able.

And since I don’t want to exclude my regular posters, whose visits here make having this blog totally worthwhile, all you have to do to enter is tell me about your favorite pair of shoes. Espadrilles? Adidas? A pair of zebra print platforms you owned in the 70’s? See how easy I’m making this for you?

The winner will be chosen Sunday, July 27th. So start thinking about the best way to torture me with a writing request — and in the meantime introduce yourself, or tell me about your favorite pair of shoes!

64 Responses to “A Curious Contest”

  • Alright.
    dear Jane,
    I have my world on my blog and you’ve been there. I discovered your space after a really nice piece you wrote about Rosie. When I continued to check in here, I found some amazing articles that were well written and thought provoking. Now I have to return because I am somehow *connected* to Jane Devin and I don’t know how that happened. But I think it’s a good thing for my lazy ass-moral compass.
    So, thanks.

  • Hmmm…..favorite pair of shoes are my White Mountain suede clogs. They look great with jeans, I can wear them without socks, and they’re totally comfortable.

    :-) I will think of ways to torture you if I win!

  • My favorite pair of shoes were the $1.99 ballernia’s slippers back in the early 60’s. I wore them everywhere, not sure why as they really had no soles, but it was the “in-thing” back in New Jersey along with big hair. Well Jersey girls still love their big hair.

    In the year 2008, my favorite shoes are: Walgreen’s Flip Flops with gemstones for $7.99. I get loads of compliments on my flip-flops! :)

    Jane, please add http://ladyontheplaza.blogspot.com/ to your blog list.


  • Where did my comment go? I clicked submit :(

  • oops …. I see it now. Oh my, I must of been thinking of me in my ballerina slippers. ;)

  • Write me an article about Dolly Parton, Jane, and I’ll be yer best blogger friend fer life!

  • And I hpoe you don’t forget about the last post … it was cool.

  • I used to love pretty shoes especially sandals with flowers or beading. I wore them with brightly polsihed toenails peeking out. It made me feel like my feet were on vacation.

    Now I wear Crocs - just crocs. Still with painted toenails but who can see them? So what do you think that says about me? I live in vacationland (FL) so what does it matter? That I have given up whimsy for pragmatic? I am now boring? Hmmm…

  • Sandi, we will not judge you on your shoes. Unless they are Birkenstocks. :-) I’ve never tried Crocs, but I hear they’re comfortable.

    Patty, sometimes the software glitches. Sorry about that!

    Donna, you are the second person that’s asked for a Dolly story! I’d write one if she’d talk to me!

    Doris, I love the photos on your blog. It looks like you live in a very peaceful place. I love NM, but the snakes scare me!

  • My favorite shoes are my “Concert Shoes”. I love any shoe with a buckle and these have the world’s largest circular buckle. They are an open-toed black leather wedge with a 3 ¾” heel. I saw them online at Macy’s and almost didn’t buy them because of the height but relented since they were so darn cute. Don’t get me wrong; I love the idea of being almost 4” taller but the thought of walking in them made me a little nauseous.

    I received them in the mail a few days after ordering them and was surprised with how comfortable they were. I was in love! It was like having a new boyfriend. I talked about them, introduced them to my friends and planned outings with them. Life was good until dinner at 20.21 one night. Now, 20.21 is a restaurant located inside the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and I mistakenly entered a wrong door. The route I had to take in order to find the restaurant was long and winding and included many flights of steps. About half way to my destination I had to take a break and rest my aching feet. So much for those comfortable 4” cool-as-hell shoes! Now, the shoes are resting in my closet. They have been designated only for concert-going, when I truly need the extra height.

  • p.s. yes, matter of fact I sometime wear “Birkies” -not outside, cause of the snakes.

  • I consider myself a regular, even if it is just recently that I found you. (Thanks Linda!) So, I will answer both questions.

    I come here because not only do I think you are amazingly talented but you are compelling, motivating and funny! I feel a weird sort of connection to you too. Linda said something about Rosie linking up one of your articles, but I don’t remember it. (Something about elephants?) I’d love to read it. And Doris up there said you wrote something about Rosie. Don’t remember that either. I guess I need to look around your blog some more and see what I’ve been missing!

    My favorite shoes are my gel asics and I have a pair of crocs that don’t look like crocs. They’re still ugly, but better than the typical croc I think. I feel as if I’m walking on air when I wear them. But I will only wear them with pants, so that pretty much wipes out wearing them in the summer. Here’s a pic of them:


    I seemed to be completely obsessed lately with pondering the reasons why people do the things they do. So, if I won it would probably be something along those lines. I think.

  • I want to be considered a regular! So my favorite shoes are a pair of NAOT sandals that I wear every day in the summer. (I live in MN too; I wear shoes in the winter out of necessity). Currently my NAOT sandals are lost. I hope they find me soon. I imagine they’re lonely w/out me. I am VERY lonely (and barefoot) without them.

  • Paige, I would have broken my feet in the first five minutes!

    Ann & Gia, you’re definitely regulars!

    Has anyone noticed that not one mystery person has come out of hiding? Maybe I need to tap into my inner shock jock and write something outrageous. :-)

  • Oh, no, no! Not your inner shock jock!

    I’ve commented but its been awhile. You’ve made me remember the beautiful green leather platform shoes I got from a friend who’d outgrown them. They were nothing my mother would have ever bought. I was 8 years old and lived in Verona, North Dakota. I wore them to church and thought I was absolutely beautiful. Since then I’ve lived in Fort Worth, TX, Altus, OK, Dallas, TX, and Carrollton, TX. My shoes have gotten uglier and uglier but my feet still look pretty good.

    Come on mystery people. We all want to know who you are!

  • Gia-
    You are looking for In Praise of Elephant Girls
    (https://janedevin.com/2008/03/16/in-praise-of-the-elephant-girls/) which may be my favorite blog post of anyone - ever. I emailed it to every woman I know. Some pieces speak to you - this one screams. Print it off for your journal. It deserves frequent reading.

  • Dear Jane,

    Okay, Okay, I will be brave and be the first one to come out of hiding. I was kinda waiting for someone else to go first! I was reflecting on why I’ve never commented and I think it goes back to being such a shy kid and usually feeling like an outsider to a group, and not quite knowing how to fit in. I am not nearly as shy anymore, but I guess old patterns can be pretty ingrained.

    I found you from Rosie’s blog, and became hooked by your engaging, insightful writing. I only have 3 blogs I frequent; Rosie’s, Hollywood Farm Girls, and Yours.

    I live in BC, but not Salmon Arm, so I guess there is another lurker not too far from me. If you decide to move to Canada, the winter is really no different from MN. In some places it is milder, especially the West Coast …. hardly any snow there.

    Anyways, now that I have broken my silence, I’ll try to comment more often.

  • No, not the shoes! I’m not falling into that trap again! No, no, noooooooo! I will no longer be Exhibit Number One in the Shoe Hall of Shame.

    I will remain a woman of mystery, a woman who occasionally dons extra eyeliner and stares out at her readers with lingerie-generated cleavage (a miracle of engineering!), an empty Belgian beer bottle in one hand, a fake cigarette in the other.

    Yes, Jane, I’ve shown the world my Crack but I will not crack my closet door and show the world my shoes again.

    Quoth the V-Grrrl–Nevermore!

  • Yeah, Suzanne!!! It is a brave thing to post, espcially when you don’t normally do it.

    Jane once told me you could use any name/email address you want here, so if people really want to be anonymous they can.

    Ok, Jane, my favorite shoes are my Avia’s. I wear them at work and at play, and own over a dozen pairs. When I have to dress up and wear other shoes, I count the hours until I can get barefoot or put my Avia’s back on.

    If I win, I think I’ll have you write a love story!

  • ROFL, Vgrrl, we already KNOW your favorite shoes AND boots!

    Jane’s not judgin’ shoeware now since she already judged the Birkies! The flowered ones weren’t bad though!

  • My black Frye boots -

    I think they’re the sexiest shoe ever. Manolo my ASS!

    Give me a kick-the-shit-outta-someone black boot and a faded pair of jeans on a girl any day.

  • Thanks Jane for considering me a regular! I enjoy you immensely!

    Suzanne! Glad you spoke up! It feels great! ( I really wanted to insert the F word here…but)

    Sandi! Thanks for the link up! I poked around Jane’s blog this afternoon, and found a treasure of words formed into thoughts! I did find In Praise for Elephant Girls, and felt a kindred spirit there. Almost my life, word for word. I am so glad that I’m here.

    Jane…you are an amazing soul! I can’t wait for you to publish! Although, having you here is really good too!

  • Yawr, Jane!
    I’ve docked some words o’mine on this here blog o’yours afore, and I will again. I be the one with whom you saved from a shanghai-ing when I offered meself up for a date with your lovely Minnesota self.

    I’m over it now, the pirate-speak and the gentle letdown of not winning you as a date- from-the-internet. I have not cast myself upon the musseled rocky shore (there are none here, nor are there Sirens to convince me otherwise) and I have not gone on to greener grasses (none of that in New Mexico, either, and I’ve not gone to ‘the other side’–I’ve always been on the lesbian side o’da fence. (Mostly always.)

    I lurk because I can. I also lurk because your true regular commenters/friends seem to be a tightly knit group and I didn’t want to appear to be blog-stalking or making you have to let me play ’cause I had no one else to play with.

    I found out about your blog via another lesbian I know in the little town in which I have chosen to build the one house I’ve ever considered calling my own; she forwarded In Praise of Elephant Girls to me and have been checking in ever since. It is your honest voice, your wordsmithing, your very refined defiance that I admire, adore and can’t get enough of. I’ve sent a link to others because I find you worthy–on several tiers.

    My shoes? If I could: None. M’feet hate ‘em. Always have.

    I’d wax commericially about my dozen or so pairs of Keen shoes ’cause they are divine to my feet, ugly suckas though Keens may be, but the sandals leave really kewl tiger stripe tan lines on my feet. But they aren’t my faves.

    My faves are my over-the-knee-all-the-way-up-to-mid-thigh pirate boots. I don’t think I have to explain the whys and wherefores; I think many of you have already ‘gone there’.

    Which is why I lurk: A pirate queen must keep an allure about her and leave the women in all the ports wanting;)

    Yawr, Y’all!!

    (I have a blog, too! Jane…? THE List? Maybe?) {Please?}

  • I am terrible at updating my links unless people remind me or write to tell me something is broken, but I updated tonight!

    THANK YOU, SUZANNE! I should have a prize for the first, and possibly the only lurker, to come out of hiding! Thank you for being brave!

    PQ - there’s really no clique here, just people who’ve gotten to know each other through posting. Linda and Barb are the only two people I’ve met in person. Your allure will not fade if you post more — more people will just appreciate it is all. :-)

    Gia and Sandy, EG was one of my favorite pieces to write. I’m actually working on a part II, but it’s a short story I’ll try to get published. If no one bites, you’ll eventually find it here. :-)

    Tammy, I’m all about the Frye boots, but mine are brown. And over a decade old. I love them!

    V- I fear I am responsible for you shoe-posting complex. Does it not help that I complimented you on the CUTE sandals you wore to BlahgHer?

    LBJ- you’ve heard the expression “write what you know”? LOL.

  • Jane,

    I’m in the closet now. It will take therapy and a support group to get me out.

    Comfort-loving and ashamed,

  • I stalk you daily! Especially after watching the video of you with your ’straight jewish matchmaker’. Curious if you ever got that date you were looking for. I ran across this site via Rosie or Susan and added you to my daily stalking list. A chance to escape the daily work grind. To learn a bit more about what is going on out in the real world since you can’t rely on the bought and paid for news. Appreciate your views on things, your sense of humor, your writing skills and being a woman for women.

  • Congrats Lucinda! Another lurker comes out of the closet!

    Aw, Pirate Queen, I’d totally play with you! I’m old and straight and married, but there’s always room in my sandbox!

    Now Ms. V-Grrrl, you know how sensitive Jane is. You’re going to make her feel all bad for picking on your birkies even though, frankly, I think it was her way of flirting with you!

  • Dear Jane, your blog prompted me to write fiction again after years of writing articles and fanfics (yes, THOSE, which, since they’re technically illegal, will never amount to much). Your writing is amazing, open, and fun; every time I come here, I go, “I want to write as well as her.”

  • Who am I?
    First who/what have I been for the past 46 years:
    Daughter, artist, girlfriend, lesbian, athlete, Navy veteran, dishwasher, cashier, cook, college graduate, office manager, software technician, home keeper, pet owner, partner.
    Who will I be?
    Good question.
    More organized, more involved, more motivated, more balanced, more..much more.
    Goal is 50. (But the sooner the better.)
    I think my life will be out of the starting gate, taking the first turn and breaking free.

    Oh..and on shoes….I agree with Pirate Queen…Keens are great. Leather boots…thigh high…scrumptious!

  • Jane, sometimes I post and sometimes I don’t. Honestly, sometimes your sharp humor is too much, or your passion too strong, or maybe I’m too apathetic! Anyway, my favorite pair of shoes would be saddle shoes! Those lovely black and white hard shoes, but you could skip, dance and look adorable. Too bad, at 43 if I wore those it wouldn’t be such a good fashion statement. I think you should do a biography story on yourself. Some of us have read the older blogs you’ve written, we’ve gotten a gest of you, and your life, but honestly…there’s more to the story…that we haven’t gotten. Who are you!

  • I’ve been here before - I’ve commented before - I will continue to comment - cause I dig your writing.

    I love boots - Caterpillar work boots. I have a black pair and a brown pair. My favorite pair of boots are 4″ stiletto black mid calf leather - with a small faux pocket on the side with a little zipper and buckle. THEY ARE HOT!!! Sadly - I have a broken bone in my foot that ain’t healing so I can’t wear the fab boots. I see a surgeon on the 28th - hopefully he can fix me: Because I want to wear those boots again!

  • Jane … it’s a crazy day on this end, but when it comes to shoes … I gotta weigh in.

    You see … much like your jeans that have served as inspiration/remembrance of happy times/window to the soul … I once had a pair of shoes.

    It was the summer of ‘87. I was headed to design school in NYC for 3 months with the plan of drying out, leaving a disappointingly bad relationship behind, exploring my creative side, and looking for my 15 minutes of fame.

    The shoes were black and pointy (UNHEARD of in my midwestern village!). They had a black buckle/strap and thick black treads. I gave up regular meals for weeks to justify buying them.

    More important than how they looked … is how they made me feel about myself. Each day I was a superhero, a celebrity. I was a shy midwestern boy shining in the glow of the big city. I was kicking ass and taking names!

    Although I had secretly planned not to return to MN … I ran out of money and ideas. I was home sick and a little afraid of my 15 minutes of fame. I was a good boy who couldn’t disappoint.

    In the fall, I moved in with my parents, and went back to my dead end retail job and faced the facts: I was going to have to work and pay bills and go to night school. Sometimes things and people that make you feel good are bad for you. And lastly … I might have to be okay with just being ordinary.

    I wore those shoes until I literally walked right through them. Although I have discovered many things that make me feel as great and superhuman (biking with my kids yesterday for one!) I am still always in search of the perfect shoes.

  • Lucinda, I loved your self-description! I have a date coming soon — should I blog about it? LOL.

    Donna, my favorite shoes as a kid were my black and red saddle shoes, and my white go-go boots.

    Pam, I hope you get fixed soon, too! A tiger needs to run!

    Barb, you are so right. I was flirting. Apparently, my skills are rusty!

    Kira, I’m sure you will, and even better. :-)

    John…….your story made me sad and aware all at once. This is so true — “Sometimes things and people that make you feel good are bad for you” — and I can relate. This though — “I might have to be okay with just being ordinary” — never true, not for you, no matter how it all turned out.

  • Oh Jane … you rock! Thanks for the boost. Tonight I sleep … Tomorrow I am gonna be a ass kicking name taker!

  • Me again … after all is said and done, I only got one picture of Daizy in her diaper. There was so much going on, I was lucky to get what I did and I just found the widgy that hooks up the camera to the computer … I posted it on flickr so you can see how silly she looked…



  • Donna, thank you for the laugh! Such a funny dog, I can’t believe she actually LOVES her diaper!

  • mmmm, favorite shoes are dansko clogs. brown or black leather with the oiled finish. i’m also partial to cheap ass flip flops you find at the drug store. ya know, the ones with the rainbow layered sole and the canvas straps? those. love ‘em.

    to be honest, i like being barefoot. sometimes in the morning, the first thing i do is walk around the front yard on the dew covered grass. it’s especially delightful when it’s a little crisp out. i also make a pilgrimage down the street to the shore. in the peak of summer, i pretend i’m crossing a vast exotic desert and take in every hot grain of sand that pushes it’s way through my toes as though it’s a mea culpa. then perform a baptism in the pacific…..

    wait. what was the question?

  • oh, also….i landed here because someone linked to “there is no shame in surrender” and i cried myself sleepy over it. been coming back since. i am so relieved you have thrown out your stifling sunday only rule. plus, i have a slight delay-in-gratification problem and that could have been an issue.

  • I come here every day because I know you and I like to check out your potential dates.

    My favorite shoes are my RED Straight Jewish Friend shoes.

  • Hey Jane, thanks for invitation.

    I enjoy your writing because you write well and actually have something to say. There was one post about your daughter that seriously made me tear up - if I hadn’t been at work I would have wept.

    Also it makes me feel slightly subversive to be able to peek at blogs during work, even though the rest of the office is probably doing the same thing.

    If I lurk and don’t comment it’s because I don’t want to feel like an intruder and I don’t want anyone to think I’m a creepy internet stalker with Dorito stained fingers. Because I’m not. I prefer Cheetos.

  • me again … I guess I just can’t stay away.

    I came to this site via my best gal pal, Paige. We can’t really recall which one of us found you first but it was an article about adoption and a link from Rosie.com that brought us to you.

    I feel like part of the furniture now. Love to read what you have to say because it makes me feel something in an otherwise cold environment. Love to read what your posse has to say in response. I feel a certain kindred spirit connectedness to y’all.

    Update: I purchased some shoes on line this morning … a whoppin $20 from overstock.com. Some slip on tennies with black and grey argyle print. I can tell already … I’m gonna love ‘em!

  • Like John R, I had that pair of kick ass boots that I found on Spring Break ‘88 in Montreal. Oxblood, shiny, square toed, zip up the back. I was in Art School and NO ONE had boots like mine. Every guy was in Birks and wool socks. [Go figure- Art School has not changed since the 60s.]. Art school or not, I was judged for my fanciness. I didn’t care.

    I love this post because I have a thing for shoes and boots.

    This year, I am featuring the following:


  • Jane - I came here because of Linda’s blog and read your story on Elephant Girls - it hit home and I continue to read your blog because your writing is inspiring, insightful and dares me to look deeper inside my own issues and dreams.

    My favorite pair of shoes right now are a pair of little black sandals that go with everything….but I need to admit that I am a shoe ho. I have many pairs *sigh*

  • Kris, I have a pair of Danskos and a few pairs of those cheap flip-flops! Love both.

    Linda, those shoes will always give you away. :-)

    Mary, thank you for coming out! No one can “intrude” here — that why I have comments, so I can get to know people that are reading, and hear their opinions, and people can get to know each other — or even just post and run, leaving a few words and an orange fingerprint behind. :-)

    John, there’s nothing like a stylish bargain to make a person’s day!

    Jake — yowsa! LOVE the pics. Those are some rocking shoes!

    Jeanne, for someone who is essentially unfashionable, I’ll admit to slight shoe ho-dom myself. The funny thing is that my daughter claims they are the same four pairs of shoes repeated six times. :-)

  • Jane,
    thanks for your writing -Must be strange to not know who reads your blog - I like to drop in for a moment now and again. Mini-stats that don’t come close to summing me up include: married, 39, professional, live in Toronto Canada, just finished the new James Frey book - awesome! Fan of laughter and conversation. Firm believer that everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion!
    Peace T

  • Jane,

    I come here because I write and I like your writing. I don’t visit every day because I have so darned much going on but I try! I am from MN but live in Florida. I found your site after someone told me about a doc. you did on Tina Schlieske who totally rocks. I like anyone who likes Tina! Then I got hooked on your informal writing style and your trials and tribs as well!
    I get nervous when I comment here because I am not near as witty as these other folks but I will let this out for the JaneDevin.com world to see. .. I like these tan steel toed boots that I use to do garden work in. They make me feel powerful and strong.


  • I use my last name because there are other Anns. Actually there are many Ann Parkers in the world so my actual signature is Ann G. Parker. G. stands for Gillen which is my middle name and there are not so many of them. I love Jane’s writing and the way she just speaks out about anything. I may be the oldest person here at 65. I am in Northampton, Mass. A state I love of all the places I have lived. At my age I can wear anything I want to without worrying about fashion. Being a simple soul I love Crocs and clogs. My favorite shoes at the moment are a new pair of Sketchers open back tennis shoes that I got at the Famous Footwear shoe store in the Hadley Mall. They were on sale. Hello to the lurkers who wrote. There is only one thing missing from Jane’s blog. A spell check. I need one.

  • Hi My name is Julia J U L I A and I am a Birkenstock wearer. But only because my feet hurt so much that I HAVE to wear them. Definitely NOT because I think they are cute in ANY sense of the word! Is this denial?

    My dream shoes …to go on my pain free dream feet would be something stiletto ish that you would see on either somebody with my ideal body swinging themselves around a pole or dressed up in drag belting out, “Hello Dolly!” in. Hmm ok so I am totally not a stiletto person really either.

    I guess my ideal shoe is all about comfort really. What helps me get through my day and gives me just the right amount of bounce to keep up with my two year old. Perhaps my ideal shoes really should be roller skates in that case… although I’m hopelessly unable to skate so scratch that idea too. Well so I guess I’m left with Birkenstocks. Ugly as hell but do the job.

    As to who I am…. I’m 42, married, have a beautiful little two year old that we adopted at birth, and I have two little totally spoiled Havanese dogs. I have a BA in Sociology and a MA in Counseling Psychology. I’m currently a full time mom but when I was working I worked with various non-profit groups and shelters.

    I think I first found you from your adoption post that tugged at all my heartstrings. You are my favorite blog to read. I love your sense of humor and admire your wisdom. You are also a beautiful writer.


  • Hello, Jane’s Blog Readers! Jane wanted me to let you know that her internet connection is down tonight and she will be back to respond to your comments as soon as she can.

  • I don’t want to join the contest. I just want to say that my favorite shoes were worn by my mother. They were white sandals that she used wire to fasten two big bunches of grapes to. You know. The kind of grapes that are usually found on the dining room table with the other wax fruit.

  • I don’t remember how I found you, but something must have grabbed me. I check back in from time to time.

    If you want to know more here are some stats:

    Sex: As often as possible, or male.
    Age: 83 Viagra keeps me young
    Sign: Men at work
    Profession: Laid off court Jester. King said I wasn’t funny.
    Location: Paradise

  • Dear Jane, I do not know why I am here. Just am. I could be somewhere better, somewhere worse. It would make no difference in the outcome of things now or far into the future.

    I feel forsaken by two people, Jane. Taken advantage of. I couldn’t sleep last night. I am seeping with unidentified fluids, which I suspect are the byproducts of loss and longing.

    Longing has a smell, Jane. Like a fine wine but sickly sweet. It has no sound but if it did, it would be exactly like a crow’s cry and would move about on talons, black feathers its regalia.

    Dear Jane, I do not know why I am here. Just am.

  • Oh Jack! I am glad you are here. Maybe you can answer this question for me……Why do men make everything be about sex?

  • Why do men make everything be about sex?

    Nature. It is how we are made. Genetics- just how we are programmed.

    BTW, I can introduce you to a number of women who have sex drives that put ours to shame.

  • my favorite pair of shoes. I took my 2 grand daughters shopping, and as we walked in the store, i said to them, “lets go LOOK AT THE THONGS, I NEED A PAIR. as i walked on , i turned around and the 2 girls were standing in the middle of the aisle, staring at me. I said,” what’s the matter? as they looked at each other, nothing Nommy,nothing. So we walked back to the shoe dept, and as I picked up some rubber thongs, and said , AHA here they are, They just about fainted, They thought Iwas going to the panty section. We still laugh at that one.

  • Viv
    You are too funny!

  • Mish but ou would know that ;)

  • YOU!……..I give up,night :)

  • Hey Mish ,I mish you and K. and J.andQ. and that is one of many true things I can tell about me and those two girls of mine.

  • please, I want to clarify about my rubber thongs, I am really not a cheap skate, i have such a big yard, lots of watering, and i really like the thongs to do those things outside, .i can slip them off and on real fast.

  • Viv I think Manolo Blahnik makes thongs if you want to find some that aren’t cheap. LOL

    CHEAP, comfortable and useful shoes… who needs and explanation.

    Loved the story!

    Julia :)

  • Thank you everyone! I loved the responses, and feel awed by the talented and diverse people who read my blog — I love getting to know you better, I love the people who came out of the woodwork, and I hope you won’t go totally back into lurker mode.

    Dana, I know the feeling you’re describing. I experienced it in spades last year. The lesson was profound.

    Jack, really? Introduce, already! LOL.

    Julia, your baby is precious. I love that video where she’s playing with the rolled up carpet. I’ve watched it several times, and it always lifts my mood.

    Ann, I love the name! My favorite niece is Anne, & my favorite neighbor ever was Ann. :-) Oh, and I could get a spell check if you really want one. I think.

    T - another Canuck reader! I love it! If I have to defect after this election, I’ll need sponsors! LOL.

    Elaine, any fan of Tina’s has to be groovy! And steel-toed boots — I have some! I wear them when I’m helping friends with home remodeling, which I’ve done far too much of this year!

    Mish & Viv, a pleasure. :-) Vivian, I loved your story.


  • My wicked boots, circa 1985, with really pointy toes and lotsa buckles, are my favorite shoes ever. I got them on Melrose (with Linda, of course), and felt tough and powerful every time I wore them.
    I memorialized them on Flickr:


    If I doubt my ability to defy the illusion of gravity created by past circumstances, I just look at these wicked boots and remember I can fly.

  • Howdy Jane
    I found you via the amazing Linda and the 2 of you were the first video I have ever been able to watch that did not look like the transmission from the first walk on the moon.
    One of the rare tech success stories I can share as living out here in the land of sand connectivity and speed are slim pickings
    Shoes…well. I spent the first half of my life squished into size nines because 10’s were not available -neither were the www or Zappos .com; thus, my lack of developing a healthy shoe fetish or passion for dressy shoes.-In my mind they relate to agony, blisters and “holy shit I cant wait to take these dam things off”-so for me it is all about comfort,- then personnel style
    In our 100+ temperatures I have been tromping around in a par of black REEFS-they have a 2 inch giving platform that feels good. The down side is they leave the bottom of your feet black; but hey, a small price to pay for coolness and comfort. Id love to find them in another color.
    As I said in the one and only comment I left a few weeks back-Barack Obama wants you writing for him-he just doesn’t know it yet.
    Oh- a topic-hmmmmm…o.k. why do we women in general ,-always, no matter what we are doing ,-or what stage of life we are in , feel that we should be doing more or something else or in addition to.
    My DH calls it the woulda-coulda-shoulda syndrome. He is from Oklahoma -did you guess that? =)
    I also join in the vote for Dolly. I adore here.

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